Genetec Notification about Heartbleed

April 23, 2014     |    Author Christian Morin

HeartbleedAt Genetec, we take information security very seriously, and so we wanted to advise our customers that our solutions including, Security Center with Omnicast, Synergis and AutoVu, as well as Stratocast are not affected by the Heartbleed bug.  Additionally, our SV-series network security appliances and our online portals such as the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) and Technology Partner Portal are not affected either. 

However, since our IP security solutions work alongside an expansive ecosystem of devices and other software components, we strongly recommend that every customer check with their other suppliers to ensure their system is not susceptible to related vulnerabilities. In certain cases, updating a firmware or applying a software fix might be required. 

Otherwise, it has also been publicly advised to change any passwords for email accounts stemming from service providers like google, yahoo, etc. which might be related to your security system and its components. You should only change your password after the afflicted business has fixed its servers to remove the Heartbleed vulnerability. Changing your passwords before a company's servers are updated will not protect your credentials. 

For those who are unaware of the full extent of the Heartbleed vulnerability, the bug has hampered the secure connection of half a million of sites, services or devices that use an encryption software package called OpenSSL. For more information on the Heartbleed vulnerability, please consult the following sources: 

  1. General Information Source
  2. Statement from MIT
  3. Statement from the US Government

For any additional inquiries or concerns on the matter, please contact us.   

Christian Morin

Christian Morin

Director Stratocast Product Group

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