Plan Manager 10.0 feature set

October 6, 2012     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

While the development team is finalizing the GA version of Plan Manager for Security Center, we published the introduction video of Plan Manager on youtube. (Version Française)


To complement the video here's a quick overview of the features available in Plan Manager for Security Center:

  • Center the map on Alarms
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Monitor door status (open/close, locked/unlocked)
  • Real-time tracking of PTZ field of view
  • Monitor/Arm/Disarm Zones
  • Locate cameras, doors, areas, zones on the map
  • Show video analytics events on the maps
  • Advance zooming capabilities for extremely large floor plans
  • GIS Maps(Microsoft Bing Maps) and CAD maps in one platform
  • Support multiple-buildings with multiple-Level
  • Create and search favorite views
  • Monitoring Access control areas
  • Entirely Customizable:
    • Customizable icons, colors and states
    • End users/Integrators can add extra objects on the map
    • Track objects in real time; Vehicles, employees (Require SDK development) 

Instead of being limited to only one map provider, Plan Manager  adopted the same open-platform concept that we have for video and access control, it support maps from different sources:

Touch screens are more and more popular. With Plan Manager it's now possible to entirely control your maps without a mouse; Zooming in and Zooming out with two fingers, panning the map with one and clicking on cameras to display them on your screen. 

Combine with the stand-alone Plan Manager map application running on a Tablet PC or a fixed touch-screen monitor; it can efficiently display cameras to your Security Desk screens running in your Control Center.

Tags:   Citywide Surveillance / Maps / Plan Manager / Security Center