Reduce bandwidth required to put video on the web with latest Security Center integration

June 1, 2012

Security Center

WINK Forge lets you essentially pull and convert video streams from Security Center and transcode them into highly compressed H.263 or H.264 video to allow you to put your video content on the web accessible for millions of simultaneous users. WINK Forge also recommends the most ideal output settings so you can benefit from using a more advanced video codec to reduce bandwidth with no visible quality loss and very low latency. With a typical output rate of about 100 kbps, the output of H.263 or H.264 video can reduce your bandwidth requirements by at least 20 times the original rate!  

And, the integration makes it easy. WINK Forge has been specifically adapted to the Security Center interface, so all a user has to do is provide the Security Center username and password and select the camera IDs. WINK Forge is also very flexible, supporting a list of formats like MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and progressive HTTP; and it works with a variety of media servers/content delivery network including RTP (e.g. Darwin), RTSP (e.g. Microsoft Media Server), and RTMP servers (e.g. Adobe Media Server). It is now really easy for Cities or Transportation Authorities to share their videos on the web with their millions of users. Although this is a fairly new integration, we look forward to hearing what our customers think. So drop us line and send us your thoughts on this latest Security Center integration. Want to know more about it? Read our Wink streaming tech note.

Tags:   Third Party Integration / Technology Partners / Security Center / Video Trickling