Simplicity, Communication and the Cloud – Our ISC West 2015 Preview

April 7, 2015

Genetec booth

With ISC West just a week away we wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of what we will be featuring at our booth (#10053).

Efficiency That Keeps Evolving in Security Center

If you haven't already received the inside scoop of what's upcoming in Security Center 5.3, now is the time to find out and experience some exciting new features first-hand. Get a real-time demo of the latest Security Center capabilities such as:

  • GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding - Leveraging off-the-shelf video graphics cards to enhance workstation performance and the fluidity of video playback.
  • Incident Recording - Creating complete incident storyboards to seamlessly export and share archived incidents.
  • Archive Transfer - Giving users the ability to easily transfer video from one archiver to another.

Opening Up the Lines of Communication with IP Intercom

At the Genetec booth, you will be able to see a live demo of Sipelia, the communications management module of Security Center. Sipelia enables two-way audio capabilities initiated directly from the command center. Sipelia offers better response efficiency to operators who need to address individuals without leaving their workstation. It also enhances investigations through the replay of recorded call sessions and associated video when reviewing historical events.

The most advantageous aspect of this module is that it is built using the industry-standard open protocol, Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), allowing clients to select their preferred intercom system from providers such as CastelTM, Commend® and ZenitelTM/STENTOFON®.

Time to Start Thinking Cloud Expansion

Late 2014, we announced our new Hybrid Cloud Archiving Service. This was in response to the growing number of public and private organizations that are looking for more economical ways to scale their storage. If a client adds higher resolution cameras, requires longer retention times, or wants added layers of redundancy offsite, our cloud archiving service is a cost efficient solution.

Not only does cloud-based storage expansion help minimize costs and resource constraints, but also becomes a more environmentally-friendly alternative to adding more on premises servers.  We invite you to come see how our cloud archiving service can also complement a server-based installation to easily accommodate growing surveillance demands.

Book a Meeting

If you want to pre-book some time with a representative from Genetec, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll help make your arrangements.

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