This Thanksgiving: What Are Security Directors Thankful For?

November 25, 2014

Nothing Happened Today AdAt this time of year, many of us take the opportunity to consider all the things that we're thankful for:  family, friends, health, and happiness.  Some of us like to be more specific.  We're grateful for the community we live in, the food we eat, and the work we do.  Some of us, however, are thankful for what we don't have to do.  

Security Directors, in organizations all over the world, are thankful when they don't have to:

Train Security Personnel on Multiple Platforms 

Onboarding and training security personnel are vital to the overall effectiveness of every security department. Working with multiple platforms and UIs can significantly increase costs and training time as well as the potential for human error.  

Security Directors who employ a unified security management solution are grateful that they can train their personnel on a single system and be confident that, during an event, important information will not be missed, overlooked, or confused as a result of switching between UIs. 

Feel Tied to Proprietary Hardware 

Advancements in security hardware-including cameras, access control readers, door locks-are happening at an incredible rate.  The ability to keep pace and integrate these advanced solutions into a security system is beneficial to everyone.  A sophisticated security system can prevent events from occurring and can help security personal take charge and mitigate the outcome when they do.  

It's no wonder that so many Security Directors are thankful that they aren't tied to proprietary hardware.  They're grateful when their security solution's open architecture gives them the ability to choose. 

Predict Storage Needs in Advance 

Archiving data represents a significant portion of every security budget.  But how much space do you need?  If you overestimate, you end up spending money on storage that isn't necessary, and, if you underestimate, you have to scramble to add space, including servers and other hardware. 

Many Security Directors would be thankful for cost flexibility when it comes to archiving data, and moving to a cloud solution can provide just that.  By storing data in the cloud, organizations don't have to estimate how much space they'll need up front-and potentially pay for what they don't use-and they know that they can easily add storage as their requirements change.

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