Why Cities Should Visit Smart City Expo in Barcelona

November 14, 2014     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

Barcelona Smart City Expo is a global event that brings together government and city leaders, media, analysts and technology providers in the cities space. This year, Genetec will be joining Microsoft CityNext partners in Barcelona from November 18-20, booth #D404, to discuss the issues and opportunities that the city sector is facing, and how connected technologies can help governments achieve more.   

According to Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental and Cities Strategist, Microsoft, "Microsoft's success as a company depends on great partners and Microsoft CityNext is no different. Our pioneering and expert partners help cities through both innovative use of technology to solve challenges and building strong economies that can compete on a global scale." 

Cities are growing and becoming more complex. One of the biggest challenges facing cities is understanding how to connect and share information across critical infrastructures using IP video surveillance and other unified security technologies. Providing law enforcement with the ability to tap into systems from schools, transit authorities, government and municipal utilities and services helps ensure faster response during a crisis or natural disaster. 

Genetec and Microsoft share a Smart Cities Barcelonacommon belief in that true transformation will only be achieved if cities take a people-first approach, enabling cross-collaboration and citizen engagement. Microsoft CityNext leverages technology not just for technology's sake, but to reinvent productivity and enable city leaders to do more and achieve more driving real economic impact by moving beyond infrastructure to engage citizens. 

Whether in Barcelona or other parts of the world, Microsoft and Genetec aim to engage cities leaders in this pertinent discussion to evolve the landscape of safer and smarter global communities. Next month, our team will also be joining Microsoft in Montreal from December 10-12, to continue the Smart City discussion. For more information, on these Microsoft initiatives, visit: 

SmartCity Barcelona: http://www.smartcityexpo.com/en/

CityNext: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/citynext/default.aspx#fbid=wicrQLXnK3Z

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Strategic Programs Manager

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