Improve Your Operations With License Plate Data

April 6, 2017

Video surveillance and access control are must-haves for security. Today, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems are playing an even bigger role in securing businesses and cities. In part, it’s because the ALPR technology is evolving to meet broader needs. … Read more

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Case Management is Changing. Are You?

March 28, 2017

The good news: you have access to more video content in the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of crime than ever before. The bad news: more content means more to manage. If you aren’t proactive, soon your law enforcement and legal counsel personnel might spend more time sorting through staggering amounts of data than on any other aspect of their jobs. … Read more

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Finding People of Interest with License Plate Recognition

March 17, 2017

In a previous blog on automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), we explored how license plates can now be added as access control credentials to secure parking lots. Cities can benefit in similar ways to secure parking at municipal buildings and sites. But there’s more. By positioning ALPR cameras on main roadways, the system can alert law enforcement to wanted vehicles or people of interest. Curtis Krauel, Captain at the Palm Beach Police Department, said, “It’s like fishing with dynamite.” … Read more

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3 Ways to Strengthen Access Control on Campus

March 9, 2017

Did you know that 50% of criminal offenses on college/university campuses in the United States are burglaries? The US Department of Education defines burglaries as ‘the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft.’ The question is— in a campus environment where openness and accessibility to buildings is part of everyday life, how can campus police or security teams keep tight control over building access? How do they find the right balance? … Read more

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New Ways of Using ALPR

March 3, 2017

Have you ever gotten stuck at a parking gate or garage because your key fob won’t work? Or, you are waiting behind someone who can’t find their badge? Those days will soon be gone. License plates can now be added as credentials within the Synergis™ access control system, offering businesses and residential buildings the ability to streamline vehicle entry. … Read more

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A Guide to Hardening Your Omnicast 4.x System

February 20, 2017

Security is what we do; and while we are technology innovators first, a big part of our job is ensuring our customers have the tools, resources, and knowledge to get the most out of our security solutions. … Read more

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Decision Support Series - Part 5

February 17, 2017

For this final installment in our blog series on Mission Control, we’re talking about compliance, auditability and liability control and how to improve them based on Reporting and Visualization. At the root of all three is the Interactive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). In our last post on Guided Decisions, we discussed what an SOP is and how the ability to follow predefined steps necessary to respond to a situation is particularly important when it comes to making decisions and resolving incidents in high stress situations. But SOPs can also be just as useful for routine activities and day-to-day operations. Understanding this operations data and using it as guide to measure effectiveness is key to leveraging and SOP. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: Bosch

February 9, 2017

While U.S. government facilities – such as legislative buildings, office buildings, courtrooms, judicial offices and more – perform a wide range of functions and have varying levels of public access, all must ensure the security and safety of employees, visitors and information housed there. In support of this, the government issued Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), which sets a policy for common identification standards for federal employees and contractors. Smart cards with multifactor authentication are now standard issue for these personnel, and these cards are used to gain secure access to the facilities and computer systems. … Read more

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Behind the Scenes of an American Football Championship Game

February 2, 2017

The countdown is on. The biggest event in American football is only days away and fans are ready for the action.The many organizations that work together to protect this highly-anticipated event are gearing up too. Everyone from stadium security teams, city departments, local and federal police agencies, and first responders are collaborating to make this event a success– and that incudes keeping everyone safe. … Read more

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Decision Support Series – Part 4

January 24, 2017

Having looked at how Mission Control can increase Situational Intelligence and simplify an operator’s experience through Visualization, we thought it would be a good time to examine how it actively empowers your security operators through Guided Responses. … Read more

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