Partner Perspective: Quantum

August 29, 2017

Today, video surveillance cameras are commonplace and transportation agencies and businesses are benefiting from advanced technologies that are now widely available. Detailed images can be produced, with more activity captured by multi-sensor HD cameras, and facial recognition applications can also be used to identify criminal suspects. But analytics are no longer just limited to security applications. … Read more

Tags:   Video Surveillance

Partner Perspective: Southwest Microwave

December 8, 2015     |    Author Maira Zanrosso

A terrorist will attempt to access the air transportation system at its weakest point. At many of the world’s airports, this point is the perimeter, which is often extensive and under-protected. As security concerns escalate, airports worldwide are calling for intelligent perimeter fence detection systems to secure their sites against unauthorized entry, protect critical infrastructure and keep passengers safe. What makes a fence detection system ‘intelligent’? … Read more