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Partner Perspective: BioConnect

July 26, 2017

Banks today are facing numerous challenges. No longer is it acceptable to only focus on the physical security of the bank, but now they must also focus on the digital security of its data and applications. Putting encryption, firewalls and cloud providers’ policies alongside alarms, security cameras and locks in their security infrastructure. What’s more, is that the best solution is for the physical and digital security to live in an integrated solution.Today, video surveillance cameras are commonplace and transportation agencies and businesses are benefiting from advanced technologies that are now widely available. Detailed images can be produced, with more activity captured by multi-sensor HD cameras, and facial recognition applications can also be used to identify criminal suspects. But analytics are no longer just limited to security applications. … Read more

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Behind the Scenes of an American Football Championship Game

February 2, 2017

The countdown is on. The biggest event in American football is only days away and fans are ready for the action.The many organizations that work together to protect this highly-anticipated event are gearing up too. Everyone from stadium security teams, city departments, local and federal police agencies, and first responders are collaborating to make this event a success– and that incudes keeping everyone safe. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: VIVOTEK Inc.

April 25, 2016     |    Author Jesse Chen

One thing that has been noticeably missing from professional video surveillance is true cloud recording. In the IT world you can't go anywhere without hearing about the cloud. … Read more

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It’s Time to Subscribe to Choice

April 6, 2016

Every customer we meet is unique. That’s why our focus at Genetec™ has always been to give our customers more flexibility. … Read more

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A Closer Look at Physical Security System Vulnerabilities

March 31, 2016

In our last post, we got you thinking about the Security-of-Security. Specifically, we raised questions about the kind of information contained in your IP physical security system, how that data is protected, and what that information allows people to do. … Read more

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Simplicity, Communication and the Cloud – Our ISC West 2015 Preview

April 7, 2015

With ISC West just a week away we wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of what we will be featuring at our booth (#10053). … Read more

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Why Unification is the Best Strategy for Mass Venue Security

February 3, 2015

According to a report from NBC News published before kick-off this past Sunday at Super Bowl XLIX, officers were scanning “more than 500 security cameras, and using technology that includes armored Bearcat vehicles, license plate readers, thermal imaging devices and radiation detectors.” … Read more

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Security Canada Central 2014 Trend Spotting

October 20, 2014

Security Canada Central, presented by CANASA, brings together experts, thought-leaders, and key members of the industry for the largest security tradeshow in the country. Each year, the show highlights technology innovations and security trends as well as issues facing Canadian security personnel. … Read more

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Watching ISC West (and Tokyo) from the Cloud

April 11, 2013     |    Author Erick Ceresato

This morning, using Stratocast from the hotel, I decided checked out the activity on the ISC West show floor and roll things back to review yesterday's booth traffic. Keep your eyes open for the live camera feed from Tokyo! … Read more

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Take a Peak at the Cloud

April 9, 2013

Genetec will be giving ISC West attendees a first look at our new cloud-based video surveillance product, Stratocast … Read more

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