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Hot Off the Press - Stratocast Preview

January 31, 2013     |    Author Erick Ceresato

Back in November, we announced our alliance with Microsoft, through which we are developing a new line of cloud-based security solutions on Windows Azure. Our plans have come one step closer to fruition, as today's news of Genetec's new video surveillance service, Stratocast, hit the wire to shed a bit more light into what we've been working on. The product is currently being deployed and tested in beta sites around the world, and will be publicly demonstrated for the first time in our booth at ISC West 2013 in Las Vegas. … Read more

Tags:   Cloud / Stratocast / Video Surveillance as a Service / VSaaS / Security

SV-16 network security appliance: an edge device in a cloud environment

September 9, 2011     |    Author Francis Lachance

By its unique design, the SV-16 is a very attractive solution to use as an edge device in a cloud environment. A nice application with the SV-16 and the cloud is to combine it with our Federation™ feature. The Federation™ feature system becomes the host system deployed in the datacenter (cloud) and the SV-16 is used as the edge recorder. Once connected to the Federation™ feature system in the cloud, the SV-16 becomes available from anywhere. With system partitioning available with the Federation™ feature, one SV-16 or a group of SV-16s can be assigned to a specific partition so they can only be viewed and managed by a single customer without any visibility on the other SV-16s connected to the cloud. This way the service can be offered to multiple independent customers using the SV-16. … Read more

Tags:   APS / ASIS / Cloud / SV-16 / System Management / Video Surveillance

Video Trickling: an innovative edge storage solution

February 7, 2011     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

As with the Federation™ feature concept, Genetec has developed another great innovation, pushing edge recording to the next level with Video Trickling. Most edge recording or edge storage solutions only focus on uninterrupted recording, but do not necessarily offer new innovative ways to deploy IP video solutions. … Read more

Tags:   Cloud / New Features / Security Center / Bandwith Management / Edge Recording / Video Trickling