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Partner Perspective: Bosch Security Systems

September 3, 2015     |    Author Klaus Lienland

When discussing security in the education sector, it is important to realize that requirements vary greatly between different institutions, with the local primary school and the multi-campus university being the extremes. Also, threats may vary from country to country or even differ between a primary school in a rural area and another one in the center of a major city within the same country. A security concept for an educational facility must therefore always be highly customized and take the specific threats into account. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: Axis

June 11, 2015     |    Author Johan Åkesson

No-one really likes waiting in a queue, but in my travels, I have noticed that some nationalities are better at it than others - the Brits seem to take pride in their well-defined lines; whereas the Italians practice a 'survival of the fittest' approach; and in my country of Sweden we have made queueing into an art form. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: Axiomtek

May 1, 2015     |    Author Paddy Karoonyavanich

Surveillance in the DarkImagine yourself on a train, in a bus or at a transportation hub, commuting to work, when the lights go out. You know something is wrong as passengers start to panic, but your mode of transportation has little or no resources to inform or to ensure the safety of passengers. Even worse, the vehicle's security command center has no idea who or what has caused the problems due to a lack of visibility within the vehicle's standard network surveillance system. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: ASSA ABLOY

April 22, 2015     |    Author Amy Vigneux

Access Control: The Final Frontier for Energy Efficient Built Environments … Read more

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Partner Perspective: Arecont Vision

February 11, 2015     |    Author Jeff Whitney

Many legal and physical risks are faced in the open spaces common in large venues today. Sports stadiums are at the forefront of these challenges when accidents, fights, thefts, and even riots can lead to new rules and regulations while harming the organization's earnings and public image. … Read more

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Why Cities Should Visit Smart City Expo in Barcelona

November 14, 2014     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

Smart City Expo is a global event that brings together government and city leaders, media, analysts and technology providers in the cities space. This year, Genetec will be joining Microsoft CityNext partners in Barcelona from November 18-20, booth #D404, to discuss the issues and opportunities that the city sector is facing, and how connected technologies can help governments achieve more. … Read more

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Doing More with an ALPR Investment - Q&A with Kimley-Horn

August 13, 2014

In this short Q&A, Brett Wood, ‎ Parking & Transportation Consultant at Kimley-Horn, a Genetec partner and independent consultant, talks about the company's experience using ALPR to offer more accurate and cost-effective data collection and help their customers optimize parking facilities and operations. For more in-depth information on the application, read their results from this interesting field study in this white paper: "License Plate Recognition Data Collection". … Read more

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Introducing MacKay Meters

June 3, 2014     |    Author MacKay - Jim Taylor

Since 1960, MacKay Meters, has been at the forefront of parking control innovations. We offer a variety of parking control solutions including everything from multi-space parking control machines and single space parking meters, to meter management systems and third-party equipment such as handheld computers, gates, and vehicle boots. … Read more

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Consider Your Choice of PoE and Wireless Locks

April 30, 2014

Standardizing on IP technology is becoming the norm. Businesses already have corporate networks in place for IT-centric systems, and it is making more sense to go that route for security too. Real-time connectivity and enhanced feature sets also contribute to the growing interest in IP security technology. So if you are ready to move from a serial-based access control system to IP, and shopping around for new IP access control door hardware or locks, here are some important considerations: … Read more

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ISC West 2014: Partner Ecosystem Update - Stanley Security

April 4, 2014     |    Author Stanley - Dan Stewart

Today, the value of identity assurance has increased considerably for facilities across a broad market spectrum. From financial institutions to school campuses to healthcare facilities, implementing a trusted, streamlined identity authentication solution is critical to the safety and security of personnel, patrons and confidential data. Whether it’s protecting students and faculty in the classroom, or ensuring only authorized doctors, surgeons and nurses are granted access to sensitive patient information and caregiving areas in hospitals, reliable identity verification systems are largely significant. … Read more

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