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Mapping out Smarter Tools: See What’s New in Plan Manager 10.3!

November 5, 2014

When responding to an event, navigating through a large number of devices within a security management system can be overwhelming, especially for operators overseeing multi-level buildings or distributed sites. Plan Manager, the interactive map module that is embedded within Security Center, helps make it easier. Not only does Plan Manager provide a visual layout of cameras, doors, and other entities within floor plans (e.g.: imagery and vector files) and online maps (e.g.: Bing and Google), it also allows operators to control device statuses and view notifications in real-time directly from the map interface. … Read more

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Plan Manager 10.0 feature set

October 6, 2012     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

While the development team is finalizing the GA version of Plan Manager for Security Center, we published the introduction video of Plan Manager on youtube. … Read more

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Plan Manager for Security Center now available

September 15, 2011     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

The advanced mapping solution for Security Center, Plan Manager, is now available for partners and customers who want to participate in the Limited Availability program.Plan Manager enables Security Center operators to efficiently monitor their doors, cameras and alarms from one single user interface. The system administrator creates a hierarchy of maps representing the different locations, different buildings and different level in each building. The operators can then efficiently search cameras, doors and points of interest through the system. … Read more

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