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A Guide to Hardening Your Omnicast 4.x System

February 20, 2017

Security is what we do; and while we are technology innovators first, a big part of our job is ensuring our customers have the tools, resources, and knowledge to get the most out of our security solutions. … Read more

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Partner Perspective: Axis Communications

June 28, 2016

With video surveillance, you can never have enough quality or too much storage … Read more

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A Closer Look at Physical Security System Vulnerabilities

March 31, 2016

In our last post, we got you thinking about the Security-of-Security. Specifically, we raised questions about the kind of information contained in your IP physical security system, how that data is protected, and what that information allows people to do. … Read more

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3 Clever Ways to Use Video Surveillance to Enhance Customer Service

November 25, 2015

‘U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service’, this was concluded in a NewVoiceMedia study that was released in 2014. As shocking as that statistic might seem, we’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service, and understand how it impacts the way we view a company. In the ever-connected social media world, people rarely keep their customer service experiences to themselves, thereby compounding the negative effect of poor customer service even more. … Read more

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Infographic - Genetec Installations at BAPS

May 20, 2014

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha® is a non-profit, socio-spiritual Hindu organization with over 70 locations in Canada and the United States. The organization wanted an IP video and access control solution that would be easy to install and keep cabling simple in trickier deployments, such as around priceless temple architecture. BAPS found this solution within Security Center and leveraged our technology partner ecosystem to create a robust security system to protect their numerous houses of worship, volunteers and worshipers. … Read more

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Smaller Cities Thinking Big Surveillance

September 14, 2012     |    Author Francis Lachance

Most of us have read about London, Chicago, Toronto and recently, New York implementing massive city-wide platforms. But what I find interesting is that more and more smaller cities are beginning to disprove common misconceptions that implementing city-wide surveillance requires the backing of massive budgets or large homeland security grants. With recent advances in computing power and IP/telecommunications technology, it is becoming easier for the suburban, less-populated municipalities to deploy cost-effective and reliable crime-fighting platforms … Read more

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Genetec's tradition of great events continues “down under”

August 3, 2012     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

Security 2012 Exhibition & Conference was held last week in Sydney, Australia and Genetec was excited to be part of this event. In addition to showcasing our market-leading security solutions, we also took part in their seminar program where our CEO, Pierre Racz, spoke about the challenges faced in city-wide surveillance deployments. … Read more

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Unicast, Multicast, or Both: What’s Right for You?

July 6, 2012     |    Author Francis Lachance

When it comes to video surveillance applications, there are usually two methods in which video is commonly streamed over a network, from the camera to its destination: unicast or multicast transmissions. The reality is that each video transmission method comes with its own pros and cons, and every installation’s functional requirements will dictate which transmission is best. … Read more

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Calgary's CTrain gets Omnicast on-board

January 13, 2012     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

The transportation market has always been a strong vertical for Genetec. With open architecture, high scalability, system flexibility and ease of use, our solutions fit the requirements of these large-scale and critical applications. We have seen a lot of success with airports, sea ports and even mass transit systems. … Read more

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School security tackled by Accrington Academy with Omnicast

November 25, 2011     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

Some of the most valuable feedback about our solutions comes directly from our end-users. And sometimes our end users, along with the help our integrators and consultants, allow us to write up a case study that details their experience to share with our entire audience base. One recent story that we released was about one of our customers in the education industry located in the England: Accrington Academy. … Read more

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