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Security Canada Central 2014 Trend Spotting

October 20, 2014

Security Canada Central, presented by CANASA, brings together experts, thought-leaders, and key members of the industry for the largest security tradeshow in the country. Each year, the show highlights technology innovations and security trends as well as issues facing Canadian security personnel. … Read more

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New asset management plugin now available with Security Center 5

August 12, 2011     |    Author Jimmy Palatsoukas

This week, we announced our first Security Center plugin related to asset management. We've teamed up withRF Code to integrate their asset tracking solution. RF Code manufactures a variety of asset tags and readers, all managed with their Asset Manager software. This new plugin is in line with our vision to offer our customer base a single unified interface for access control, video, alarm management, intrusion, and now, asset management. … Read more

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Recording an operator's screen

August 3, 2011     |    Author Francis Lachance

In some markets like gaming and alarm monitoring centers, there is a requirement to record everything that happens on the operator screen. This is done mainly for liability reasons as all actions taken by the operator need to be justified. Omnicast is now able to accomplish this functionality through a new integration that is available with our latest Hardware Integration Package (HIP) released in July. … Read more

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Adding even more value with our new Security Center SDK

July 8, 2011     |    Author Morgan Pasnon

With the release of Security Center 5.0, we also released a new SDK. This SDK offers innovative integration possibilities. Indeed, there are several different ways of using our SDK such as typical .NET applications, C# macros, Security Desk or developed plugins for Security Center's interface. We also introduced a web-service SDK (REST) to facilitate integrations with non-windows platforms. … Read more

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Multi-system management made easy

June 22, 2011     |    Author Jean-François Lemire

In my last blog post, I briefly spoke about the security market evolving in a way where managing security devices (cameras, door controllers, sensors, etc.) is just not enough. There is an increasing need for managing security systems at higher levels which requires more and more abstraction layers. For example, I see more and more advanced mapping features needing integrated video, access control and alarm points. In addition, I also see our customers requiring more advanced reporting features that include data from multiple systems and, last but not least, there is the ever increasing need for back-end systems integration. For all these examples, what custom tailored solutions can offer is the ability to add a simplified layer on top of more complex components. This higher level of abstraction can be customized to your specific needs and makes more sense within your operating environment. Ultimately, this is accomplished using security software development kits (SDK) to create applications or services that enable the integration of multiple independent security sub-systems. … Read more

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