How to become a Smart City

October 5, 2017

More cities are looking for ways to use a growing network of connected sensors (cameras, street lights, etc.) to help reshape the urban experience and become “smart cities”. The goal is to become more vibrant, more efficient, more resilient to unplanned events—and overall, safer for residents, visitors and businesses. … Read more

Giving cities a new way to manage parking

September 7, 2017

All year long, historical towns and streets in Europe are bustling with locals and vacationers who take time off to enjoy the sights. Parking on and off the streets fills to capacity and cities and their parking officers struggle to keep up with demand. … Read more

Federation™ feature is getting even better!

October 8, 2009     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

Recently, I was in Chicago and Kansas City where they deployed the system exactly like we imagined it when we designed the Federation™ feature.Different organisations: police department, airport, 911, department of transportation, transit authorities, stadium, share cameras together without having to centralized their infrastructure and unified their process.They all manage independent systems and decide which cameras they want to share with very specific access right; Live, playback, PTZ... And it's totally transparent for the people who operates the cameras, the user doesn't see the difference between local and "federated" cameras. … Read more

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