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Partner Perspective: Bosch Security Systems

September 3, 2015     |    Author Klaus Lienland

When discussing security in the education sector, it is important to realize that requirements vary greatly between different institutions, with the local primary school and the multi-campus university being the extremes. Also, threats may vary from country to country or even differ between a primary school in a rural area and another one in the center of a major city within the same country. A security concept for an educational facility must therefore always be highly customized and take the specific threats into account. … Read more

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Improving Permit Management on University and College Campuses

April 20, 2015

Gone are the days when college and university campuses functioned as closed communities onto themselves. These days, many are spread over large areas of land and serve tens of thousands of students each year, most of whom live off campus. … Read more

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Best Practices for Selecting Campus Security Systems

August 25, 2014

Colleges and universities the world over have huge responsibilities. In addition to shaping the minds and ideas of the next generation, they are also responsible for helping to turn adolescents into responsible adults. An important, but often unseen, part of this is keeping students safe and their campus incident-free. … Read more

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AutoVu Case Study Infographic

July 10, 2014

A few weeks ago, we took part in the Parking Poster Session that was open to exhibitors of the IPI Conference and Expo. The poster session consisted of large horizontal posters (93.5"wide x 47.5"high) depicting either products or projects and were displayed in the pre-function area of the convention center. … Read more

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Texas Tech University leads the way in parking solutions

April 13, 2012     |    Author Chris Yigit

This is a great video which demonstrates how easy and efficient parking enforcement can (and should) be, simply by using a license plate recognition (LPR) system. … Read more

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School security tackled by Accrington Academy with Omnicast

November 25, 2011     |    Author Patrice Belmonte

Some of the most valuable feedback about our solutions comes directly from our end-users. And sometimes our end users, along with the help our integrators and consultants, allow us to write up a case study that details their experience to share with our entire audience base. One recent story that we released was about one of our customers in the education industry located in the England: Accrington Academy. … Read more

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