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A Guide to Hardening Your Omnicast 4.x System

February 20, 2017

Security is what we do; and while we are technology innovators first, a big part of our job is ensuring our customers have the tools, resources, and knowledge to get the most out of our security solutions. … Read more

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What Our Project Managers Can Do For You

August 21, 2015

Every physical security project is different. Sometimes all that is required is the addition of a few high-resolution cameras while other times the project scope involves implementing a new and unified IP-based video surveillance and access control system, while factoring in building restrictions, existing infrastructures, mandated corporate policies and some custom development. In other words, some projects can be more challenging than others. … Read more

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Genetec Certified Trainers

March 23, 2012     |    Author Jean-François Lemire

Although Genetec trainers are able to cover a vast majority of international destinations and accommodate diverse languages, there has been an ongoing surge in the requests for our technical training courses all over the world. In order to address this, we decided to create a training partnership program and ally with companies that are skilled and knowledgeable in both IP security technology and training delivery. … Read more

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