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Best Practices for Selecting Campus Security Systems

August 25, 2014

Colleges and universities the world over have huge responsibilities. In addition to shaping the minds and ideas of the next generation, they are also responsible for helping to turn adolescents into responsible adults. An important, but often unseen, part of this is keeping students safe and their campus incident-free. … Read more

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Genetec's A&E / Consultant Program

December 16, 2011     |    Author Steve Bocking

Being a provider of enterprise-class security solutions, Genetec understands the importance of the security consultant's role in the industry. Thus here at Genetec we try to have all customer-facing employees be aware of what consultants do and how their needs are a bit different from an end user or integrator. Unlike an end user or integrator, it will be very rare for a consultant to actually use the security software, but they have to know what it can and can't do. Consultants will very rarely program the system, but they have to know approximately how long it will take to program different things. They will never actually buy a system, but they have to help their clients create budgets and cost expectations for deploying a system. Similar to the modern security integrator, it is required to be a bit of a "jack of all trades", understanding how security software works, calculating storage and how many servers will be required for video management and recording. Some other common questions are: how much bandwidth will the project require?, if I am using a unified platform, can I specify one server for both the access control and video management?, what is a unified platform versus an integrated system or a PSIM? … Read more

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Field engineering services: technical consultants for our partners

July 15, 2011     |    Author Jean-François Lemire

Most people see field engineering as an implementation service where we help our channel partners implement and commission our products quickly and efficiently. That's absolutely true, but there is more to it. What about making the core product even more efficient or improving the effectiveness of a solution once already implemented? That is also part of the Field Engineer's expertise available to our channel partners. … Read more

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Multi-system management made easy

June 22, 2011     |    Author Jean-François Lemire

In my last blog post, I briefly spoke about the security market evolving in a way where managing security devices (cameras, door controllers, sensors, etc.) is just not enough. There is an increasing need for managing security systems at higher levels which requires more and more abstraction layers. For example, I see more and more advanced mapping features needing integrated video, access control and alarm points. In addition, I also see our customers requiring more advanced reporting features that include data from multiple systems and, last but not least, there is the ever increasing need for back-end systems integration. For all these examples, what custom tailored solutions can offer is the ability to add a simplified layer on top of more complex components. This higher level of abstraction can be customized to your specific needs and makes more sense within your operating environment. Ultimately, this is accomplished using security software development kits (SDK) to create applications or services that enable the integration of multiple independent security sub-systems. … Read more

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