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GPU–Accelerated Video Decoding

June 22, 2015

This is the second post in our series on the Video Management Enhancements that we’ve made to Security Center for our 5.3 release. If you missed the first post, be sure to check out Incident Recording to find out about creating and exporting single clips from multiple camera feeds. This week’s focus is GPU–accelerated Video Decoding. … Read more

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Sneak peak at Security Center 5.1

November 11, 2011     |    Author Jimmy Palatsoukas

Genetec is gearing up for the latest release of Security Center, version 5.1, due out in the coming weeks. We've added a wide variety of LPR, access control, and video functionalities and we're definitely jazzed about getting this one out the door and into the hands of our customers. As we're approaching the release date for 5.1, here's a sneak peak of what is coming. Believe me when I tell you that this is but a glimpse of all the innovations and enhancements that will make up our next release. … Read more

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Here comes the Synergis Master Controller

September 20, 2011     |    Author Jimmy Palatsoukas

After a first full day at ASIS, I remain very excited at the level of interest both current and potential customers have in our soon-to-be-released intelligent controller. The Synergis Master Controller will be released in the coming months but we're giving our customer base an advance look at the controller and its capabilities. We've also got samples of the new enclosures we've designed to house both the controller, a power supply and fuse assembly, and a variety of interface modules to connect to readers and IO points. The feedback has been very positive so we know we're on the right track. … Read more

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Plan Manager for Security Center now available

September 15, 2011     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

The advanced mapping solution for Security Center, Plan Manager, is now available for partners and customers who want to participate in the Limited Availability program.Plan Manager enables Security Center operators to efficiently monitor their doors, cameras and alarms from one single user interface. The system administrator creates a hierarchy of maps representing the different locations, different buildings and different level in each building. The operators can then efficiently search cameras, doors and points of interest through the system. … Read more

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Security Center minimizes network usage

August 5, 2011     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

One of the first concerns raised by IT departments when they hear about IP video surveillance is its impact on the network, the amount of bandwidth consumed by the different IP cameras. It is an even more important factor when monitoring remote sites; in those situations, the wide area network (WAN) is often critical for business operations, and they cannot afford network outages caused by the video management system "wasting" precious bandwidth. … Read more

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Introducing Security Center 5.0

May 6, 2011     |    Author Jimmy Palatsoukas

When thinking about what to write to introduce Security Center 5.0 to our customers and the market, my first instinct as an engineer is to fire off a list of cool and impressive features. My marketing side wants to position the benefits and added value for integrators and end users alike. But before I do that, I want to put into perspective what this new release means to Genetec and the support we've received from our customers. … Read more

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Video Trickling: an innovative edge storage solution

February 7, 2011     |    Author Jonathan Doyon

As with the Federation™ feature concept, Genetec has developed another great innovation, pushing edge recording to the next level with Video Trickling. Most edge recording or edge storage solutions only focus on uninterrupted recording, but do not necessarily offer new innovative ways to deploy IP video solutions. … Read more

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