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New Synergis Video

October 16, 2014

Assured access and complete control – Synergis IP Access Control SystemWith the success of our Security Center and Omnicast videos, we’re excited to share the third installment in our series. … Read more

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The Synergis Master Controller Enclosure

July 21, 2014     |    Author François Brouillet

The Synergis Master Controller (SMC) from Genetec is an intelligent IP controller based on an open architecture that helps deliver non-proprietary access control solutions. According to the judges at IFSEC-who awarded it the Access Control Product of the Year award-the SMC is best-in-its-class because, in addition to its fast and efficient set-up and affordable integration, it is also the most future-proof investment for security installations. … Read more

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Consider Your Choice of PoE and Wireless Locks

April 30, 2014

Standardizing on IP technology is becoming the norm. Businesses already have corporate networks in place for IT-centric systems, and it is making more sense to go that route for security too. Real-time connectivity and enhanced feature sets also contribute to the growing interest in IP security technology. So if you are ready to move from a serial-based access control system to IP, and shopping around for new IP access control door hardware or locks, here are some important considerations: … Read more

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Understanding How the Access Control Ecosystem Has Evolved

March 12, 2014     |    Author François Brouillet

We all use access control. As employees in a secured building or as visitors to an organization or hotel, we touch badges to readers multiple times a day, moving in and out of doors or zones, subconsciously complying with the rules. The assigned key cards or fobs are our first touch point to hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected devices and software that are all part of a widespread access control ecosystem. … Read more

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Recap from Genetec at ASIS 2011 in Orlando

September 23, 2011     |    Author Stephan Kaiser

As always, ASIS is one of the best North American shows that we attend, and this year was no different. This is the second ASIS show that our "new" booth was showcased at and the traffic was exceptional. Some other companies mentioned that they believed that this year was slower than the previous however we did not feel it. … Read more

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Here comes the Synergis Master Controller

September 20, 2011     |    Author Jimmy Palatsoukas

After a first full day at ASIS, I remain very excited at the level of interest both current and potential customers have in our soon-to-be-released intelligent controller. The Synergis Master Controller will be released in the coming months but we're giving our customer base an advance look at the controller and its capabilities. We've also got samples of the new enclosures we've designed to house both the controller, a power supply and fuse assembly, and a variety of interface modules to connect to readers and IO points. The feedback has been very positive so we know we're on the right track. … Read more

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