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How to ramp up perimeter security at airports

October 27, 2017

Every year, numerous perimeter security breach incidents are being reported in airports worldwide. With every breach, airport security directors are forced to re-examine how to better secure and manage their own airport boundaries. … Read more

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How Airports Evolve 10-Year Old Security Systems

November 6, 2015     |    Author David Lenot

Airports place significant value on these three security platform features. However, what happens over time as airports evolve their security? … Read more

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2 of the Most Important Questions to Ask Airport Security Departments

January 29, 2015

Approach the security department of any international airport and ask them: ‘What is the single most important aspect of your security system?’ and you will likely hear: uninterrupted system availability. Airports simply cannot afford any downtime. These are mission critical security systems where video from cameras and other critical data need to be accessible at any point, from any location. … Read more

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