Our Ecosystem of Partners

Over the years, Genetec established strong alliances with like-minded technology partners who equally thrive on innovation. Our technology partners build products that enhance and maximize the superior features of our video surveillance and access control systems, so that together we deliver the best solutions and offer boundless application possibilities to various markets.

Each customer comes with unique security requirements. When leading organizations partner to enhance existing product offerings, we open doors to new applications and infrastructures that answer these needs. You can benefit from the largest selection of integrated best-of-breed solutions, trusting completely in the reliability and performance of our joint offerings. Explore Genetec's vast community of technology partners and gain access to a constant flow of innovation.

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Seyeon Tech Co. was established on September of 1997 under the slogan “Link the world as one.” Holding dear all human lives and their assets, we have developed and produced various kinds of network devices and terminals. During the first few years the company had commercialized cutting-edge network standards of that era such as the ISDN, PSTN, Dedicated line, and VOIP related hardware and software. Ever since 1999, with our own marketing brand FlexWATCH™, we have further developed and commercialized TCP/IP based security surveillance products on the basis of our experience and knowledge regarding the conventional network devices.

Currently, we focus on widening our spectrum of products from the high-end to the most cost-effective. Based on our own knowledge regarding the AV and computer network related technologies for the last 17 years, we pursue the best values for our clients to benefit from our products. With these core strategies, we now have established a number of partnerships with the clients from more than 40 countries worldwide.



FLIR's line-up of video security cameras, recorders, and software is more complete than ever, for the total solution you need.

Now combining cutting edge and thermal security cameras, FLIR gives you rock-solid video security coverage with cameras that see in visible, near-IR, and thermal, 24/7.

Thermal security cameras complement and complete your network of CCTV security cameras by turning night into day, giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye. Our complete range of affordable IP and analog thermal security cameras let you see more, and see farther, than any other video surveillance technology around. Selected models also provide non-contact temperature measurement, delivering sophisticated condition monitoring capabilities together with video security and intrusion detection.



Fortem develops advanced security technologies for improved public safety and private security.  Omnipresence 3D Security Solution is an advanced Command & Control software for leading security conscious cities, military facilities, mass transit systems, airports, utilities, and large facilities. With its unique 3D interface, Omnipresence 3D provides a common monitoring and alarm platform for multiple security and safety sub-systems, including CCTV, fire, access control, and other third-party systems.



Foxstream is a software company specialized in real-time video analysis solutions. Foxstream proposes comprehensive solutions enhancing CCTV video surveillance systems, increasing efficiency as well as reducing their operating cost.  The flexible architecture and capacity of adaptation to multiple environments allow Foxstream's solutions to interface with most existing systems.

The company's solutions offer multiple features such as intrusion detection, people counting, loitering detection, abandoned objects left behind, crowd & queue management system and license plate recognition. It also features self-test analysis for camera malfunctions (shifting, distortion, brightness, obstruction, signal loss, etc.). Since 2004, Foxstream has implemented solutions around the globe in market segments such as airport authorities, oil & gas facilities, border control agencies and government buildings.

Read more about the Security Center & Foxstream FoxVigi integration.

FST Biometrics


FST Biometrics, established in 2007, is an international company with technology roots in Israel. FST's IMIDTM product line, utilizes a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies to provide non-intrusive and seamless secure access. IMID identifies simultaneously multiple authorized individuals from a distance and in-motion without slowing or stopping them.

Global Parking Solutions


Global Parking Solutions (GPS) have designed, built and installed world-leading parking technology since 1993. Today it provides best-in-class multi-space meters to municipal government, public transport and private-sector parking clients. Meters can be configured for Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Plate and Pay-by-Space. The autonomous solar-powered METROpolis terminal offers coin, bill and the fastest credit card payments in the industry. GPS's deployment of over 1000 Pay-By-Plate meters to Brisbane City Council in 2009 is still the largest and one of the oldest PBP deployments in the world.



As a part of Hanwha Group in Korea, Hanwha Techwin offers reliable video surveillance solutions to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in the field of security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems, including cameras, video recorders, and IP network devices. Not being confined our capabilities in video surveillance, Hanwha Techwin is stepping toward a total security solution provider. 



HID Global is the trusted, worldwide leader in providing solutions for the delivery of Secure Identity. The company is focused on creating customer value with product, service and know-how solutions for access and identification-related applications. Headquartered in Irvine, California, HID Global has over 2,000 employees worldwide supporting customers in more than 100 countries. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

Learn more about HID's EDGE EVO controllers and  readers



As a world-leading information technology company, HP applies new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology within the Physical Security industry.  Our focus is to continuously improve the way our customers live and work through technology products and services, from the individual consumer to the largest enterprise. 

HW Group


HW group is manufacturer of HWg-Juno. HWg-Juno is family of remote I/O modules designed for IP Surveillance. HWg-Juno is only remote I/O module with native Genetec protocol support. Being the family of products developed for security integration, system integrator could select optimum HWg-Juno product for right location a type of use.HW group s.r.o. company is based in Prague, Czech Republic. HW group is a manufacturer of IP-based sensors, delivers remote monitoring & control solutions for IT, Industry and Security.