Our Ecosystem of Partners

Over the years, Genetec established strong alliances with like-minded technology partners who equally thrive on innovation. Our technology partners build products that enhance and maximize the superior features of our video surveillance and access control systems, so that together we deliver the best solutions and offer boundless application possibilities to various markets.

Each customer comes with unique security requirements. When leading organizations partner to enhance existing product offerings, we open doors to new applications and infrastructures that answer these needs. You can benefit from the largest selection of integrated best-of-breed solutions, trusting completely in the reliability and performance of our joint offerings. Explore Genetec's vast community of technology partners and gain access to a constant flow of innovation.

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The Bosch division Security Systems is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products, solutions and services. Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range. Bosch Security Systems develops and manufactures in its own plants across the world

VIDEO: Watch a demonstration of Genetec Security Center and Bosch IVA integration 

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CIAS is an Italian company and has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacture of security equipment and perimeter protection systems.

CIAS is nationally and internationally renowned for its microwave, infrared, triple technology barriers as well as fence detection systems. The commitment of the three founders and of their staff have made CIAS a world leader in the field of security.

CIAS products are currently used to protect the perimeter of nuclear power plants, high-security prisons, military and civil airports, banks, large factories, solar fields, but also used for the protection of detached houses, apartments and shopping malls.

In 40 years of activity, CIAS has become a cornerstone in the security market, distinguishing itself by the continuous technological innovation for the perimeter protection.



DMP is a privately-held independent manufacturer of innovative intrusion, fire, access control, network, and cellular communication products that are designed, engineered, and assembled in Springfield, MO. DMP supplies alarm communication over data networks with products that are available through professional electronic security companies. For more information about DMP, visit: dmp.com.



OPTEX is a world leading sensor manufacturer with 30 years experience developing security industry specific products.  Optex specializes in motion detection technology for indoor and outdoor perimeter security.  Optex perimeter security solutions is respected globally with applications deployed at some of the world's most critical security sites.  In addition to stand-alone motion detection solutions, Optex has forged strategic global alliances and integration with leading global security companies providing unique and effective perimeter security solutions.

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Senstar®, the trusted innovator safeguarding people, places and property, has been manufacturing,selling and supporting the world's largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for more than 30 years. Senstar® products can be found around the world in more than 80 countries, in tens of thousands of sites including borders, ports, military and government,correctional facilities, and other critical sites. This integration enables alarm and status information from Senstar® sensors to be received by GenetecTM Security Center.

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Shooter Detection Systems


The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is the world's finest gunshot detection capability, sending an alert in one second with ZERO false alerts. Guardian is installed in schools, state and local municipal buildings, Fortune 500 corporations, luxury high-rises, financial institutions, convention and entertainment facilities, utilities, transportation facilities and more.

Southwest Microwave


With over 40 years of experience and 70,000 installations worldwide, Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of high-security outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems for security-sensitive applications in the utilities, industrial, transportation, government / military, corrections and VIP sectors. Field-proven INTREPIDTM fence, buried cable and microwave detection solutions provide precise, immediate detection of intrusion attempts, mitigating risk to critical infrastructure and high-value assets. Product excellence reflects only one component of Southwest Microwave's customer commitment. A pledge to provide world-class customer care is backed by extensive technical service capabilities, including system design assistance, site commissioning services, comprehensive product training and responsive tech support.

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