Existing Partners

Over the years, Genetec established strong alliances with like-minded technology partners who equally thrive on innovation. Our technology partners build products that enhance and maximize the superior features of our video surveillance and access control systems, so that together we deliver the best solutions and offer boundless application possibilities to various markets.

Each customer comes with unique security requirements. When leading organizations partner to enhance existing product offerings, we open doors to new applications and infrastructures that answer these needs. Our customers benefit from the largest selection of integrated best-of-breed solutions, trusting completely in the reliability and performance of our joint offerings.

Explore Genetec's vast community of technology partners.



Result of a cooperation between research center and recognized engineering universities, ACIC has been providing high-performance video content analysis solutions for 7 years.

ACIC's offers is based on a range of appliance consisting of high-performance VCA software installed on high-quality centralized servers (HP Proliant series) or distributed and ruggedized (AAEON boxers).  ACIC's appliances are easy to set up and enable a seamless integration within security systems thanks to a homemade intermediate service layer (middleware): ACIC Event Manager.Appliances cover a wide range of applications including perimeter protection, virtual line crossing, people counting, automatic incident detection and road data gathering, stopped cars or abandoned objects. Majors references are Seif Palace, UN building (Kuwait), SNCF, oil refineries, metallic industry, retail, Police, transportation administration, solar plants...

Learn more about ACIC's video analytics integration with Genetec's Omnicast in our technical note.



ACTi Corporation is the technology leader in IP surveillance, focusing on multiple security surveillance market segments. ACTi's extensive technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 has empowered ACTi's worldwide partners and customers to enjoy best quality video performances from VGA up to Megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth. The core value of ACTi is the ability to develop, integrate and market complete end-to-end solutions for our clients in the IP surveillance market. ACTi's technology advancements enable complete solution offerings to cover all segments of the security market.



Aderanet is a computer services firm that specializes in security, video protection, and centralized technical management. Thanks to our SDK and protocol, and our very own MMI (full Web) solution, Aderanet is a growing company. Aderanet has created several software and hardware gateways between different major access control, biometrics, RFID, video protection, intrusion detection, key management, etc. systems. We also developed AbioTime (biometric time clock) and AbioJail (management of prison visiting rooms) software.

Agent Vi


Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) is a leading provider of open-architecture, video analytics software deployed in a variety of security, safety and business intelligence applications worldwide. The comprehensive video analytics solutions offered by Agent Vi extend from real-time video analysis and alerts to forensic search and post-event analysis, and are fully integrated with a range of third party edge devices and video management systems. Integrating Agent Vi's advanced video analytics capabilities into existing or new surveillance networks enables users to benefit from the true potential of their surveillance networks, transforming them into intelligent tools that respond to the practical challenges of the 21st century.

Read more about Agent Vi video analytics integrations with Genetec software.



AIMS is a complete parking ticket and permit management application which tracks tickets from issuance through payment or adjudication.  Customer permit data is maintained and shared with AutoVu along with stored transient data from pay on foot and pay by phone systems in real time.  Vehicle hits data are sent to the AIMS Mobile Ticketer in real time from AutoVu and the locations are  displayed in map view.  Please visit aimsparking.com for detailed information and to request product demonstrations.



AllGoVision Video Analytics is developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multimedia technology solutions. AllGoVision is an enterprise grade advanced Video Analytics Solution. The main applications of this solution are City Surveillance, Traffic Surveillance, Building Surveillance, Border Security, and Business Intelligence. It is an open platform server based solution with 18+ basic and advanced features. AllGoVision focuses on providing the following 18+ benefits to the customer - Cost Efficiency, Robust Performance, Ease of Use and Customization. AllGoVision has unique features like Video Stitching, Cup Counting, Video Smoke Detection, and Smart Auto PTZ Control. As a leading video analytics player, AllGoVision has installations in 10 countries with several integrators.

Read more about the Security Center and AllGoVision video analytics integration



AMAG Technology is an access control, IP video and intrusion detection solution provider.  At the heart of the AMAG solution is the SymmetryTM Security Management System, a solution that provides intelligent networked solutions scaled to manage access control and security management challenges from small, remote facilities to multi-national organizations around the world. Symmetry offers users the next generation of security solutions, bringing the core aspects of building security to intelligent, unified solutions. The cutting edge technology within every Symmetry installation ensures 'tight integration' where there is seamless multi-way communication between the various technologies all on one single platform.

AMAG's Symmetry Security Management Solutions can be found in a wide spectrum of markets:  government, commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, utilities and banking.  Based out of Torrance, California, AMAG is part of G4S Technology, a leading manufacturer of scalable, integrated security management systems headquartered in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.  Visit www.amag.com for more information.



AMANO McGANN is the global leader in parking solutions, offering an extensive sales, service and support network across North America. We provide our customers with the tools they need to reduce costs and improve performance, yield, and customer satisfaction through business intelligence, financial control and portfolio management from the cloud.

American Dynamics


American Dynamics video technologies are part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company. American Dynamics continuously advances video technology via its IP solutions, while leaving no customer behind - ensuring backwards compatibility at every step.  The American Dynamics portfolio features everything required for a complete, state of the art video surveillance system. For more information about American Dynamics products, visit www.americandynamics.net.



Ampleye is an innovator in high-end surveillance IP cameras providing the revolutionary combination of ultra-high resolution and incredible low-light performance to See Everything. The 20 megapixel Ampleye | Nox-20 camera has a built-in Multi View Architecture (MVA) featuring simultaneous access to 25 independently configurable streams in a single camera. This allows capturing details at ultra-high resolution in parallel with multiple live video streams at frame rates up to 30 fps, day and night.

Ampleye delivers ideal solutions for city surveillance, critical infrastructure, traffic applications and highly crowded areas such as stadiums, airports and major events. 

As a joint-venture between GATSO and Prodrive Technologies, Ampleye counts on decades of experience in high-end camera development.