Enable Your Solutions Within a Unified Security Platform

As the security market continues to migrate towards a unified approach to security, customers demand increased levels of connectivity between security systems, devices, and other business systems. Genetec offers a clear path for standalone solution providers to link to or embed their applications within its Security Center unified platform.

Through Genetec’s Technology Alliance Program, you will gain access to the latest tools and the support necessary to easily integrate your solutions with Genetec’s Security Center platform and join the industry’s leading ecosystem of security technology providers.

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Why Partner with Genetec?

Accelerate Your Growth

Genetec Technology Alliance members gain increased visibility within Genetec’s network of channel partners, systems integrators and end users. New release announcements, co-branded marketing material, detailed listing on Genetec’s website, and event or tradeshow participation are just some of the joint marketing opportunities available to members.

Strengthen Your Value Proposition

Through seamless integration into Genetec Security Center, your application becomes part of a more global and unified security platform. Differentiate yourself from competitors offering standalone solutions, and become part of a differentiated approach to security that revolutionizes your customers’ experience.

Access to Extensive Development Support

Genetec works closely with members of its Technology Alliance Program at each step of the integration and certification process. As a member, you get access to Genetec’s expert community, extensive documentation, and samples that provide you with the right tools to ensure an optimal integration.


To ensure a seamless customer experience, Genetec’s Technology Alliance Program requires high levels of collaboration between members and Genetec. Members are expected to communicate new solution releases, upcoming software and firmware updates and self-validation reports for these updates with the Genetec Technology Alliance team ahead of time.

Members must also provide, free of charge, the necessary device samples and software licenses for Genetec to test the integration and support future customers. In order to enable Genetec’s sales team and channel partners, pre-sales resources will also be required, from joint technical documentation to contact information of regional counterparts.

Integration Tools

Genetec’s development tools enable the integration of a wide range of applications and devices, facilitating your journey to complete unification.


Software Development Kit

Genetec’s .NET-based SDK enables in-depth integrations, such as accessing and configuring entities, receiving events, triggering actions or alarms, query report data, retrieve video recordings or embed a


For applications developed on platforms other than Windows, Genetec’s web API enables the synchronization of data, alarms and events, as well as device status verification and changes.

Open Standards

Security Center supports open industry standards, such as ONVIF and SIP communications, to facilitate device integrations.

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