The AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates license plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest, and enforce parking restrictions. AutoVu is designed for both fixed and mobile installations in a variety of applications.

Augment Your Security System with Automatic License Plate Recognition

Fixed Sharp Camera

AutoVu enhances your security system by automatically identifying and tracking vehicles accessing your facilities. Unified with video surveillance, access control and other security systems within Genetec Security Center, AutoVu increases situation awareness and supports investigations with powerful reporting capabilities.

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Boost Parking Enforcement Efficiency and Coverage with Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology

AutoVu is at the core of your license plate-enabled parking (LEP) system, allowing you to automatically capture license plate numbers to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules, and conduct lot inventories. With powerful features such as digital wheel imaging for chalking and shared-permits enforcement support,  the AutoVu system captures license plate characters, vehicle images, time stamps and GPS coordinates, decreasing the number of parking ticket disputes and increasing compliance.

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Equip Your Law Enforcement Agency with a Powerful ALPR Solution

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AutoVu provides law enforcement agencies with the most accurate and reliable ALPR system in the industry, identifying license plates, cross-referencing multiple wanted vehicle lists, and supporting criminal investigations. The end result is a true increase in the overall level of security around schools and neighborhoods.

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Innovation That Brings You More Than Just ALPR

In addition to industry-leading accuracy, AutoVu offers cutting-edge features that further increase operators' efficiency:

Fuzzy Matching

Ensure that even if a read is imperfect due to dirt or snow accumulation, operators are still getting the best possible matches of every license plate. Fuzzy matching analyzes incomplete license plate reads, and alerts you to any potential matches or infractions based on the configurable fuzzy matching parameters.

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In-Vehicle Maps

Use visual maps from the AutoVu Patroller in-vehicle interface and  the Security Center back-office, to not only easily visualize the location of a read, but also generates a specific location such as a street address and perform geographic research.

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Image, Time, Date, GPS Coordinate, and Address With Every Read

Instantly receive all ALPR information such as license plate images and reads, image of the scanned vehicle, time stamps and GPS coordinates of the read's location, which are also then reverse-geocoded to provide a street address. Later, this data will help you support investigations and respond to infraction disputes.

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Live Wireless Communication Between Patrol Vehicles and Back-Office

Stay up-to-date with the latest permit data or wanted vehicle lists through  live wireless updates of ALPR reads and hits. Using the Security Center client, officers can remotely monitor one or more fixed and mobile ALPR units, or specific hotlists in real-time.

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Advanced Vehicle Analytics

AutoVu analyzes scanned vehicles' behaviors and characteristics. In addition to accurate license plate numbers, AutoVu can identify a vehicle's make and travel direction, estimate its speed of movement and detect its license plate's state or country of origin.

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Digital Chalking

Eliminates the need to manually chalk vehicles when enforcing time-limited rules by allowing AutoVu to record  a vehicles' position and license plate as you drive by. When you return to a zone for a second pass, AutoVu will compare the position of vehicles read against their "first seen" position. Vehicle that are found to be in violation of local time limit rules, including same position, blockface or district time limits, will be flagged to the operator.

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IT-less deployment and maintenance

Free up your IT resources and speed up your deployment with a hosted system using AutoVu Managed Services. With AutoVu Managed Services, Genetec technicians configure your system ahead of deployment and handle maintenance an updates for you, freeing up your IT staff and ensuring your system performs at peak efficiency.

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Select The ALPR Camera That Meets Your Needs

AutoVu offers a range of ALPR solutions, from our line of AutoVu Sharp IP-based dedicated ALPR units, to AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud, Genetec's cloud-based ALPR solution.

AutoVu SharpX Camera Picture


AutoVu Sharp Camera Picture


Plate Reader Cloud

Powerful and compact, the SharpX performs in the most demanding conditions.

With its on-board processing and video analytics, the Sharp offers flexibility and portability.

Easily augment off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras with high-accuracy ALPR.

Trusted by Customers Everywhere

With over 15 years of experience in ALPR technology, the AutoVu automatic license plate recognition solution has been deployed by hundreds of customers in various applications, such as law enforcement, parking enforcement, and more.

City of Perth Parking

City of Perth Parking Introduces Ticketless Car Parks with Genetec AutoVu Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Automate Actions and Alarms

Using Security Center’s powerful event-to-action engine, organizations can leverage AutoVu ALPR events, such as reads and matches with vehicle lists, to trigger system settings and behaviors, from moving PTZ cameras and changing recording settings and opening vehicle gates.

Extend the Reach of Investigations

With every license plate read, AutoVu collects extensive vehicle information, including the vehicle’s brand, speed, and direction of travel. Investigators can leverage AutoVu’s advanced reports, such as multi-zone searches, to quickly identify vehicles detected at multiple sites or lots and rapidly focus on investigations.

Discover Vehicle Trends and Insights

ALPR data can be mined for new knowledge on vehicle behavior, such as average length of stay, frequency of visits, travel time between locations, average vehicle speed, and more, helping you make informed decisions involving your parking facilities and practices.

Transform IP Cameras Into ALPR Units

Add ALPR capabilities to off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras without deploying additional servers with AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud, Genetec’s cloud-based ALPR solution.

Enforce City Parking

Manage multiple parking rules simultaneously and in real-time, such as short and long term permit, transient parking, time-limit, and scofflaw detection, and cover more ground in less time to increase the number of citations delivered per officer.

Enhance Off-Street Parking Administration

Improve the productivity of your parking officers in off-street parking applications with features such as GPS-assisted lot selection and shared-permit support.

Boost Vehicle Inventory Management

Efficiently update your vehicle inventory, perform inventory reconciliation, and calculate occupancy percentages with AutoVu’s license plate inventory mode.

Get Open Platform License Plate-Enabled Parking Enforcement

Seamlessly integrate AutoVu with other key license plate-enabled parking technologies such as parking meters, pay stations, smartphone payment applications, and permit/citation management systems, further improving your parking operations’ efficiency and adapting the system to your future needs.

Automatically Identify Wanted and Stolen Vehicles and Take Action Fast

Scan thousands of vehicles per shift while on patrol, recovering stolen vehicles and locating wanted felons. Your officers now have a powerful tool at their disposal, ensuring that no wanted vehicle passes by undetected.

Support Criminal Investigations with Better Information

Review data collected by the license plate recognition system using the Security Center back-office software for investigative purposes, such as identifying potential suspects’ locations before, during and after a crime.

Keep Your Community Safe

Precisely and efficiently enforce restraining orders around school grounds and witnesses’ residences with automated ALPR identification and GPS and odometry positioning technology, and increase the safety of your community.

Adapt to Fixed and Mobile ALPR Applications

Easily deploy AutoVu as a fixed, mobile or hybrid ALPR system, providing permanent coverage of key locations along with the freedom of vehicle-mounted license plate recognition.

Unify With Video Surveillance

Complement AutoVu with archives from your Omnicast video surveillance system within Genetec’s unified platform, Security Center. This allows agencies to cross-reference license plate reads and hits from mobile and fixed license plate recognition systems with video surveillance.