AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud is a cost-effective automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution that provides off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras with ALPR capabilities and decreases local server requirements by moving AutoVu’s ALPR engine into the cloud. Optimized for applications with vehicles moving at speeds of up to 15 MPH (25 km/h), Plate Reader Cloud offers accessible best-in-class accuracy.

Easily Add ALPR to Your Security System

Plate Reader Cloud is a scalable and easy to deploy solution that automatically detects and identifyies vehicles accessing your facilities.

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Unified Within Security Center

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Cameras connected to AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud are recognized natively as ALPR units within Security Center, providing you with full access to its complete ALPR feature set.

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Recommended vehicle speed 0-15 MPH (0-25KM/H)
Supported video stream resolution 800 x 600
Trigger Modes Software (motion detection, virtual tripwire) and hardware input
Cameras per Server Up to 15*
Advanced vehicle analytics Vehicle make, plate state/country of origin

*Please refer to the Security Center system requirements document for server specifications.

AutoVu-Tested IP Cameras

To ensure optimal ALPR accuracy and simplify design and deployment, Plate Reader Cloud only supports cameras which have been tested by in-house experts and have met Genetec's list of requirements. To consult the list of tested cameras from industry-leading manufacturers, please visit

Consult certified cameras list

Architecture Overview

Cloud-Based ALPR Engine

Plate Reader Cloud simplifies maintenance and decreases local server requirements by moving AutoVu’s ALPR engine into the cloud.

Simplified Deployment

AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud can be deployed directly on Security Center Directory and Archiver servers, or using Genetec’s appliances, making installation and configuration seamless.

ALPR-Ready IP Cameras

Plate Reader Cloud is designed to work with AutoVu-tested cameras meeting the technical specifications required to achieve high levels of accuracy day and night.

Automatically Adapt System Behavior

Using Security Center’s event-to-action engine, license plate reads and list matches can be used to automate video surveillance, access control and other security system actions, such as triggering alarms, moving PTZ cameras, changing recording settings or opening vehicle gates.

Optimize Your Investment

Cameras enhanced with AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud can be used for live video surveillance as well as for automatic license plate recognition, making the most of your investment.

Hybrid System

Deploy AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud alongside dedicated Sharp and SharpX ALPR units, and design a system based on each access point's requirements.