Plan Manager is a module of Security Center that provides interactive mapping functionality to better visualize your security environment. Greatly enhancing situational awareness and security management, Plan Manager allows you to dynamically navigate throughout facilities and intuitively manage your cameras, doors, intrusion devices, and other security systems.

Visualize Your Security Environment

Fixed Camera on blueprint

Access critical information and respond to alerts in less time. This intuitive mapping system enables operators to effectively manage a greater number of security devices by providing a detailed view and real-time statuses of cameras, doors, alarms, sensors, and critical areas in your facilities.

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Ensure a Rapid Response

Beyond the capabilities of a regular map feature, Plan Manager offers multiple options for managing system notifications; this includes advanced navigation tools, and incorporating predefined high-security zones to ensure operators are immediately alerted to threats and incidents.

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Greater Situational Awareness with
Immersive Maps

Immersive Maps offer your operators a virtual environment based on actual digital pictures of your facilities that can be used with Plan Manager, or as a standalone option. A 4D visualization engine provides operators with an immersive view of their facility through the use of high-fidelity digital imagery, while also allowing them to leverage Security Center Omnicast capabilities. Use Immersive Maps to document the physical layout of your organization, in order to quickly ramp up new operators, and ensure greater readiness in case of emergency.

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Key Features

Get access to leading features and interactive command and control functions to efficiently monitor your sites and security operations.

Immersive Maps

High-fidelity digital imagery of your facility provides an immersive four dimensional (4D) view of your entire organization. Immersive maps are easily viewed and navigated in any web browser, or within Security Center.

Video Device Integration

Seamlessly operate video elements in Plan Manager, including camera field of view, PTZ controls, and tile displays for more intuitive navigation and control.

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Access Control Integration

Manage access control activities directly within Plan Manager, including door status, lock and unlock actions, to improve operational efficiency.

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Dynamic Map Navigation

Multi-layer maps allow you to fluidly navigate and zoom throughout your facilities.

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Hot Spots

Rapidly position hot spots to link multiple cameras in a defined area, to help better manage areas of a map that require greater action, and increased interaction.

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Map Designer

Import public and private maps from multiple formats, including GIS data, CAD files, and imagery, and easily drag-and-drop security devices and objects to create highly detailed and accurate maps.

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Lasso Tool

Quickly access the information of security devices of a select area through the use of the Lasso tool

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Plan Manager Software Packages

Plan Manager is available in a variety of packages to fit the size and needs of your security applications.

Plan Manager Basic Edition

Plan Manager Basic

Plan Manager Standard Edition

Plan Manager Standard

Plan Manager Advanced Edition

Plan Manager Advanced

Plan Manager Basic supports dynamic maps for access control and video, and import of image files.

Plan Manager Standard provides support for all Basic features, as well as vector-based maps (PDF), alarm management, PTZ control and field-of-view, customizable entity states.

Plan Manager Advanced provides support for all Standard features, as well as GIS map integration and customized objects.

Simplify Site Monitoring

Use Plan Manager to get an intuitive view and interaction of your facilities and security systems, simplifying the management of hundreds or thousands of doors and cameras.

Rapidly Respond to Incidents

The accurate representation of security entities in an integrated map environment provides rapid access to system information and a better perspective of status and incident notifications.

Customize Your Maps

Import public and private maps from multiple formats, including GIS data, CAD files, and imagery, and easily drag-and-drop security devices and objects to create highly detailed and accurate maps.

Define Dynamic Objects

Upload new imagery to represented objects and devices in your facility, and define animations to status changes such as blinking rates, transparency levels, and color changing.

Integrate Security Devices and Operational Tasks

Illustrate all entities from Security Center, such as cameras and doors on a map, and link them to operations such as displaying a camera feed in a tile and locking/unlocking doors.

Navigate Through a Dynamic Map

Plan Manager provides user-friendly navigation through dynamics maps by taking advantage of multi-scale technology so you get greater visual quality.

Instant Event Notification

Be instantly alerted of any events, status, and alarms from your security system, and immediately linked to where alerts have been triggered.

Integrated Alarm Management

Have your screen directly zone into the active alarm so you can quickly respond to alarms without having to search for each entity in a list.

Fly-Through Navigation

Operators can easily navigate a facility through the use of a keyboard or the simple click of a mouse. Reference points within your Immersive Map view allows your personnel to quickly jump to the desired location at a moment’s notice.

High-Fidelity, 4D View

Operators gain an immersive 4D view of their entire facility, which can be updated over time, as a building is renovated. This provides a more accurate and complete view of your buildings and their evolution over time.

Immersive Training

Speed up personnel ramp up with dynamic navigation through your organization allowing new personnel to quickly learn the layout of various sites; avoiding physical travel to each location further reduces overall expenditures, be it for ramp up or planning activities.

Evolve your Emergency Planning and Management

Immersive Maps facilitate the documentation of your facilities layout for future reference and will become a key component in your emergency planning. During emergency situations, your team now has access to both live and recorded video through Security Center, dynamic graphical maps with Plan Manger, as well as the ability to navigate through any floor or building with Immersive Maps.