Plan Manager is a module of Security Center that reimagines the operator experience through interactive mapping, enhanced visualization, and greater situational awareness. It allows you to seamlessly navigate your facilities, monitor live security events, respond to active alarms, and intuitively manage cameras, doors, ALPR units, intrusion devices, and more.

Visualize Your Security Environment

Fixed Camera on blueprint

With Plan Manager, you can access real-time security information and respond to events and alarms in less time through a visual representation of your facilities. This intuitive mapping system also enables operators to effectively manage a greater number of security devices.

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Ensure a Rapid Response

Offering greater flexibility in managing system notifications, Plan Manager supports advanced navigation tools and predefined high-security zones to ensure operators are immediately alerted to threats and incidents.

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Key Features

Get access to leading features and interactive command and control functions to efficiently monitor your sites and security operations.

Real-Time Event and Alarm Monitoring

Unlike traditional maps that simply monitor system status, Plan Manager allows you to see all related events and alarms.

Real-Time Event and Alarm Monitoring Icon

Embedded Map Designer

The embedded Map Designer task allows you to build maps from image files and online maps and customize them with an easy drag and drop of security devices and other objects.

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Intuitive Edge Device Control

Command and control capabilities include controlling live PTZ cameras, viewing live and recorded video, monitor door status, lock or unlock doors, and more.

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Smart Click View

Select and point all cameras to a specific location on a map. All PTZ cameras in the field of view will orient to the selected area.

Smart Click View Icon

Lasso Tool

Quickly access the information of security devices of a select area through the use of the Lasso tool.

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Map Shortcuts (NEW)

Designate map links and favorite views to rapidly access areas and alarms within a site.

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Advanced SDK/Customization

Use a plugin to add georeferenced static or dynamic objects from external sources.

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Plan Manager Software Packages

Plan Manager is available in a variety of packages to fit the size and needs of your security applications.

Plan Manager Basic Edition

Plan Manager Basic

Plan Manager Standard Edition

Plan Manager Standard

Plan Manager Advanced Edition

Plan Manager Advanced

Plan Manager Basic supports dynamic maps for access control and video, as well as the import of various image files.

Plan Manager Standard provides support for all Basic features, as well as vector-based maps (PDF), alarm management, PTZ control and field of view, customizable entity states.

Plan Manager Advanced provides support for all Standard features, as well as GIS map integration and customized objects.

Simplify Site Monitoring

Rather than monitoring detailed lists of events or a logical tree of devices, you can now visually manage all of your security environment and physical security devices (doors, cameras, and ALPR units).

Rapidly Respond to Emerging Situations

With embedded command and control capabilities, you can respond to events and alarms directly from a map and take active control of cameras, doors, and other devices.

Customize Maps To Your Needs

Import public and private maps in multiple formats, including online maps, CAD files, and other imagery; easily drag-and-drop security devices and objects to create highly detailed and accurate maps.

Define Dynamic Objects

Upload new imagery for objects and devices in your organization and create maps that accurately represent your facilities.

Multi-Site Monitoring with Federation™ (NEW)

Access remote Plan Manager maps from federated sites and monitor federated (remote) entities, such as cameras, doors and ALPR units from a central location.

Instant Event Notification

Get real-time notifications of events, device status, and alerts from your Security Center system, and immediately view video associated to these events and alerts.

Embedded Alarm Management (NEW)

Rapidly identify and respond to alarms by acknowledging or forwarding to other users, directly from the map.

Intuitive Control of Security Devices

When operators need to quickly react, they can easily take control of doors and cameras.

Navigate Effortlessly Through Maps

Plan Manager provides user-friendly navigation with dynamically linked maps and multi-scale technology for greater visual quality as you zoom into different areas.

Track Intrusion Areas

Draw areas and contours in a map to identify intrusion zones that are linked to third party intrusion devices and alarms.