Security Center Compact Edition

Kick start your organization’s security with a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use IP video management system that supports up to 25 cameras. Equipped with an intuitive user application and requiring no training, Security Center Compact is an essential solution for any organization looking to take their first steps into IP video surveillance or migrate from a legacy analog solution or DVR.

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Security Center Compact Overview

Video Monitoring Made Easy

A user friendly application that allows you to monitor cameras, review archived video, and control PTZ cameras with ease, Security Center Compact effortlessly supports all your HD video needs and is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Security Center Compact is easy to use

No Training Required

Easy to use and equipped with installation wizards for quick camera setup and recording configuration, Security Center Compact requires no training to deploy and operate so that you’re up and running in no time and feeling protected.

Security Center Compact is a powerful entry-level system

Cost-Effective and Reliable

Although priced as an entry-level system, Security Center Compact benefits from 20+ years of video innovation and reliability from Genetec™. With a proven track record, rest assured that you are choosing a powerful solution hidden in a simple package.

Always Up to Date

Enjoy Support and Updates at No Additional Cost

When deploying Security Center Compact, you are automatically given access to the latest software and updates for the lifetime of your system. More than that, subscribers also benefit from basic support (Genetec Assurance) and can leverage the extensive library of Genetec multimedia tutorials, technical information, user forum, and online case management. With the Genetec System Availability Monitor, you can also monitor your system health statistics from anywhere, to ensure it’s operating at peak performance.

Genetec Assurance includes:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Technical Information Library
  • Known Issues and Limitations
  • System Availability Monitor
  • User Forum
  • Online Case Management

Key Features

Security Center Compact Key Features

Simple yet powerful

Rapid Installation. The Installer Assistant helps speed up system setup with a 5-step configuration of camera and recording settings.

Wide Choice of Hardware. Open architecture guarantees support for a wide range of IP cameras and encoders.

Flexible. Add more cameras and activate advanced features with a seamless upgrade to higher editions.

Intuitive Monitoring. Save time with a simple-to-use application and a thumbnail view of all cameras.

Powerful Playback. Leverage GPU decoding to view more HD cameras and replay video with greater fluidity, while minimizing CPU usage.

Auto Discovery of Cameras. Automatically detect and enroll cameras and encoders as they are added to the network.


All you need to get started

Though only an entry level solution, Security Center Compact won’t leave you missing key video capabilities. From full playback control, to video export and bookmarking, the Compact edition leverages the most popular video capabilities of Security Center.

Max Number of Cameras 25
Max Number of Clients 5
Max Number of Archivers 1
First-Run Installer Assistant
Automatic Device Enrollment
GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding
Full Playback Control
PTZ Camera Control
Video Export
Bookmarks and Snapshots
Federation™ Support
Upgradable to Other Security Center Editions

A Clear Upgrade Path

With Security Center Subscription Upgrade to More Advanced Editions as Your Needs Evolve

Upgrade to More Advanced Editions as Your Needs Evolve

Choosing the right video software today will define your options in the future. Genetec has engineered the Security Center Compact edition to be both scalable and upgradeable over time, eliminating the risk of having to forklift your entry level system in the future. With pay-as-you-go licensing, you can upgrade with a simple modification to your subscription at just the right time and without having to install new software.

The following editions are available by subscription, with each higher edition supporting more cameras, client app connections, archiving servers, and advanced capabilities.

Compact NEWStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Up to 25 cameras Up to 50 cameras Up to 250 cameras Unrestricted number of cameras