Responding to incidents or emergencies in the field often requires operators to be away from their workstation. Security Center Mobile allows security personnel to be equipped with the latest mobile tools, such as mobile apps and a web client, to connect back to Security Center while on the go. This ensures they remain informed at all times.

Stay Connected While in the Field

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Remotely monitor and control your video surveillance and access control systems on Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices, over any wireless IP network. No matter their location, your personnel can receive system alarms and push notifications, view video attached to alarms, and acknowledge alarms, effectively extending their capability to react to any situation.

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Plan a Secure Mobile Strategy

Equip your personnel with Security Center Mobile on the latest mobile devices with the knowledge that communications are secure. Encrypted access between the Security Center Mobile apps, web client, and the Mobile Server provides safe communication across your security system, while security mechanisms are implemented to mitigate possible risks.

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Key Features

Get up-to-the-minute video feeds, and respond to access control alerts, even when you're away from your workstation.

Bookmark Live & Playback Video

Instantly playback video and search archived recordings, and create bookmarks to tag key events in Security Center directly from your mobile phone

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Unified Video and Access Control

Get unified access to video and access control on your mobile device. Security Center Mobile and web apps allow you to monitor access control events with associated video and cardholders pictures.

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Real-Time Video Streaming

Capture and send live video back to Security Center, essentially turning Apple and Android smartphones into mobile surveillance cameras.

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Alarm Notification and Management

Receive instant push notifications for active alarms and acknowledge alerts directly from your smartphone.

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Remote Door Management

Monitor door status information, view access granted/denied events, place doors in maintenance mode, and unlock doors from a distance through your smartphone.

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Optimized Apple iPad Viewing

Users can view up to 6 concurrent video feeds on an iPad, taking full advantage of the tablet's additional real-estate.

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Controlled Mobile Access

Restrict mobile devices from connecting to the Mobile Server in the event a device is lost or stolen.

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Apple Devices Supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (tested with iOS 6 and 7)
Android Devices Supported on Android OS 4.0-4.4
Security Center Compatible with Genetec Security Center version 4.0 and up
Windows Devices Support on Windows and Windows Phone 8.1
Desktop Browsers
  • Internet Explorer (IE 9, 10, and 11)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
Mobile Browsers
  • Android 4.0-4.4
  • Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 (IE 11 only)
  • iOS 7
Security Center Compatible with Security Center version 5.1 and up

Unify Your Mobile Security

Monitor live and playback video, bookmark events, control PTZ cameras, receive security alarms, and view and unlock doors through a single mobile app.

Push Live Video from the Field

Stream live video from your Apple or Android smartphone to share critical field information with Security Center operators at their workstations.

Work With Your Choice of Mobile Device

The Security Center Mobile app is available for Apple, BlackBerry, and Android devices, while a web client can be used on any desktop browser of your choice.

Get Instant Apple, Android, and BlackBerry Push Notifications

Push automated alarms to guarantee operators receive alarms even when the mobile apps are not running.

View Archived Video

Instantly playback video and search archived recordings from your mobile phone.

Ensure Secured Access

Benefit from increased security with the option to require mobile app users to enter their password each time they log on, and with Microsoft Active Directory credential compatibility.

Pull User and Device Activity Reports

Monitor failed log on attempts, monitor device activity, and identify restricted devices that attempted to log onto the Mobile Server with reporting tools.

Safeguard Against Loss and Theft

Restrict mobile devices from connecting to the Mobile Server, to efficiently handle cases where a device is lost or stolen.

Encrypted Video Transmission

Security Center Mobile video streams and communication ports between Security Center are encrypted using HTTPS.

Archive Video from your Smartphone

Centrally archive video feeds from smartphones to Security Center, just like a security camera, to later be reviewed during investigations or auditing of responses.