The Synergis Master Controller (SMC) is an intelligent IP controller engineered to provide greater flexibility within your Synergis access control system. Designed to address longstanding customer demand for non-proprietary access control, it supports popular security modules from HID Global and Axis, as well as the most popular electronic and wireless locks from SALTO and ASSA ABLOY.

Modernize Your Access Control System

SMC Board with Door

Whether you are deploying a new access control system or looking to modernize your existing platform, you can deploy the SMC over your corporate or security network. It will form the basis of your security apparatus offering your organization greater security and protection against possible threats for years to come.

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Speed Up Your Deployment

The SMC is an edge device that can be physically installed and enrolled within your access control system in little time. With flexible configuration, advanced troubleshooting and maintenance features, the SMC will help you experience seamless upkeep for the lifetime of your security system.

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The SMC is equipped with leading access control functionalities, bringing enhanced security and maintenance options to any Synergis access control system installation.

  • Complete offline decision-making capabilities
  • Supports HID access control modules
  • Supports ASSA ABLOY SARGENT and Corbin Russwin WiFi and PoE locks
  • Supports ASSA ABLOY Aperio-enabled wireless locks
  • Supports SALTO SALLIS wireless lock technology
  • Supports Axis A1001 Network Door Controller
  • Native Gigabit Ethernet support (2 ports)
  • Dynamic (DHCP) or static IP addressing
  • Four RS-485 ports support various configurations
  • Encrypted communications with Synergis
  • Secure web interface for basic controller setup
  • Available with enclosure and power supply
  • Up to 32 downstream modules (64 readers)
  • Up to 512 inputs or 384 outputs
  • Up to 150,000 cardholders
  • Up to 150,000 offline events
  • Unrestricted number of card formats
  • Native threat level support
  • Antipassback (soft and hard)
  • Fully compatible with Security Center 5.2 and up

Designed as an open controller, the SMC connects to third party modules, ensuring you are not locked in and your investment is protected for the years ahead. Mixing and matching between modules on the same controller is also possible.

  • SALLIS wireless locks and other locking devices

Architecture Overview

SMC Architecture Overview

Transition to IP Access Control

Choose a true IP door controller to benefit from real-time monitoring and management available with a network-based access control system.

Evolve to a Unified Platform with Security Center

Use the SMC to take advantage of the Security Center platform and unify your access control system and video surveillance operations.

Choose Industry-Standard Modules from HID, ASSA ABLOY, SALTO and Axis

Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you are not locked into proprietary hardware thanks to the SMC’s tight integrations to non-proprietary reader and I/O modules from HID, ASSA ABLOY, SALTO and Axis.

Achieve Greater Security at The Door

Achieve greater security for your facility through SMC’s support of encrypted communications with Synergis and the ability to instantly restrict access in the face of changing security threats with threat level management.

Adapts to Your Security Environment

Connect to downstream modules through multiple ports, and adapt the SMC to your specific access control system needs, scaling up to 64 readers per controller.

Automate Device Discovery and Enrollment

Let Security Center automatically detect and enroll the SMC when added to your network, without the need for administrator intervention.

Convenient, Off-The-Shelf Solution

Easily mount and connect the SMC to your door, saving considerable installation time by deploying the SMC as part of Genetec’s pre-wired and pre-configured enclosures.

Install and Test Your Doors in Advance

Wire your door in advance, connect it to the SMC, and test it out before connecting to your Synergis software, reducing unexpected troubleshooting down the line.

Pre-configure Your System

Connect an SMC to Synergis with no hardware installation to stage a full system. Configure your doors, access rights, and cardholders well before any physical device installation.

Handle Remote Configuration

Securely access the SMC from anywhere and on any device, be it a laptop or tablet, for basic configuration and speedy firmware upgrades thanks to a self-hosted web client.