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Parking Enforcement and Management

Enhanced Enforcement Productivity through automatic identification of parking infractions

Increased Compliance by identifying scofflaws, permit and time-limit infractions

Reduced Operational Costs by increasing coverage and citations issued per officer

 Improved Parking Services by offering better management of on-street and off-street parking

Simple and Easy with an intuitive system that is also portable, maximizing investment

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Get an easy-to-use and highly efficient automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system as the core of your license plate-enabled parking (LEP) efforts.

AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, automatically alerts operators to vehicles with unpaid fines, with expired time limits and without permits.

With AutoVu ALPR cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles, operators can optimize their routes and become more efficient at covering many types of parking zones throughout a city. This helps municipalities improve parking services for residents and businesses.

With each plate read, AutoVu's user-friendly in-vehicle software shows plate and vehicle images, time stamps, and more data for supported evidence in case of disputes. For our patented time-limited enforcement, wheel images for digital tire chalking are also provided.

And since AutoVu can easily integrate with third-party ticketing systems, pay stations and pay-by-phone applications, you can incorporate this advanced ALPR system as part of a comprehensive LEP ecosystem.

Realize Huge Productivity Gains with ALPR.


AutoVu is a comprehensive solution where sophisticated ALPR cameras work in tandem with in-vehicle and back-office software so you achieve significant gains in parking enforcement.

The Sharp and SharpX ALPR cameras are designed to provide the most accurate plate reads every shift, more plate reads in extreme conditions, at poor angles, and even at high speeds.

AutoVu Patroller is the intuitive in-vehicle control interface that provides easily accessible features to operators onboard, and allows them to monitor incoming reads from ALPR cameras.

Security Center is Genetec's unified security platform that provides real-time monitoring of AutoVu events, alarm management, as well as advanced data-mining and reporting capabilities.

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AutoVu has been engineered to be a productivity-boosting  tool for parking enforcement officers.

Here are a few cutting-edge features that will help your operators gain  efficiency.

Show Due Prompt. Prompt AutoVu to display the areas where the time limit has expired, indicating potential vehicles that are due for verification.

Enhanced Positioning Technology. Get accurate location data needed to support infractions with built-in GPS functionality and vehicle odometry.

Wireless Data Transmission - Wirelessly download hot lists and permit data for real-time enforcement and upload enforcement data from/to Security Center for monitoring.

Patented Digital Tire Chalking. Use wheel imaging capabilities to gather pictures of a vehicles' wheels for comparison between initial and subsequent passes in a city zone. This acts as digital tire chalking and evidence against infractions for same position parking enforcement.

GPS-Assisted Parking Lot Selection. With the help of integrated GPS functionality, a list of lots will appear in order from nearest to furthest to simplify the operator's task of selecting the lot to be enforced.

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Spread Efficiency Across Your Parking Enforcement Operations with ALPR Technology

Backed by 15 years of technological innovation, AutoVu is the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use ALPR solution for municipal parking enforcement. This field-proven ALPR solution has been chosen by countless municipalities to help improve productivity and cut operational costs. Here is why:

Payment Station

LEP Ecosystem Integration

Parking Tickets

Multiple Regulation Enforcement

Fixed and Mobile LPR

Fixed and Mobile ALPR

Cloud Hosted Services

Advanced Reporting and Data-Mining


Incorporate AutoVu at the core of your LEP ecosystem, merging software and hardware with other key LEP technologies like pay stations, mobile payment applications, citation management systems and more.

Simultaneously conduct time-limit and permit enforcement while managing scofflaw hotlists. Wanted vehicles hotlists can also be added to help law enforcement efforts.

Complement mobile parking enforcement with fixed ALPR cameras at public parking garages or lots for gateless parking. This allows for unmanned 24/7 parking with automatic citation issuance by other LEP technologies.

Speed up the deployment of your mobile ALPR system and free up your IT resources. With Genetec’s AutoVu Managed Services option, experienced technicians configure your system ahead of deployment and handle maintenance and updates for you.

Highly-intuitive reports and data-mining features provide operators with added flexibility, allowing them to filter results based on date, time, patrolling unit, hotlist or zone, and more. Daily usage statistics and logon reports can also be queried.

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See how customers are leveraging Genetec ALPR solutions:

National Exhibition Centre

The NEC were looking ahead to replace their CCTV system and growing their existing traffic management system, the NEC wanted to invest in a fully-fledged technology upgrade throughout the entire exhibition centre. The NEC wanted to start from the ground up, rebuilding its network infrastructure to accommodate new systems for video surveillance, access control, video analytics, traffic management, as well as road-side messaging and advertising.