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Stadiums and Open Spaces

Ensuring a positive visitor experience and protecting tens of thousands of people in and around your venue is not easy. You have to be ready for anything, at a moment’s notice. That’s why we are committed to delivering the tools that make your job easier. Rely on Genetec IP security solutions to:

  • Receive information and HD video at your fingertips from anywhere.
  • Efficiently spot and diffuse incidents by managing all your security systems from a single platform.
  • Upgrade and expand your security platform over time as your facilities expand and your needs evolve.

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Quickly Address Threats without Disturbing Visitors

Recently, MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ) chose Genetec Omnicast, the video surveillance system of the unified security platform, Security Center, to protect its 82,500-seat stadium. The platform’s open architecture allows stadiums such as MetLife to select cameras with high-definition clarity. Operators can zoom into zones with megapixel cameras, to achieve panoramic views from the bowl, and capture it all at high frame rates (up to 30 fps). Omnicast helps operators to pinpoint and address trouble zones or threats before they escalate into something more.

Reasons Venues Choose Omnicast IP Video Surveillance


Leverage IP Video Investment for Operational Improvements

Many stadiums, open spaces or cultural venues such as LeMay – America’s Car Museum are maximizing their investments, monitoring lines and crowds to improve service, dealing with after-hour deliveries and onsite disputes of events. IP or cloud-based video systems can also provide another way to remotely view events or exhibits. An example of this is the Panda Cam at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

System Unification Leads to Improved Response Efficiency

As indicated in a recent blog on museum security, strategy number one in safeguarding million dollar assets was the use of motion detection and trip wire analytics. It’s not just museums, stadiums such as Melbourne Cricket Ground are also merging video with access control, and other systems like:

Sharing security system access through a unique feature called the Federation™ feature, enables better collaboration with law enforcement or local transport agencies for enhanced security during big events. (Be sure to read: 5 Winning Features of IP Security Systems for Large-Scale Venues and Stadiums)

Quickly spot and handle incidents in your venue.

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Tighten Control on Personnel-Only or VIP Zones

Standardizing on Synergis, the IP access control system of Security Center, our unified security platform gives you greater flexibility at the door. Watch this short video to get a quick overview of Synergis.

Take a Long-Term Approach to Savings

Synergis is an open solution, meaning this IP access control system doesn’t lock you into any proprietary hardware. More mass venues are making a move away from a closed system and embracing the many cost-saving benefits of Synergis:

Unification with Video and Intercom Streamline Alarm Handling

Synergis helps you to easily manage thousands of temporary and permanent employees that work in your venue or stadium. Every badge-to-reader scan provides you with the cardholder’s picture and credentials which is synchronized with video. With Synergis, handling access control events is simplified:

  • Access-denied alarms prompt video verification or zone lockdowns.
  • Intercom integration with video at the door facilitates two-way audio.
  • One-click functionality enables locking the door from a desktop or mobile phone or alerts ground personnel.

Simplify Cardholder Enrollment and Maintenance

Synergis also lets you simplify the cardholder enrollment process with Active Directory Integration to manage user groups and their access privileges. Very granular privileges and rules can be set up to ensure access to your VIP or more sensitive areas are restricted to only those you allow. Automating daily reports improves record keeping and helps you to see who is coming and going from your most sensitive areas.

Take a closer look at an open IP access control system.

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Identify Trouble-Makers or VIPs and Improve Venue Parking

With AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition(ALPR) system of Security Center, you can address unauthorized people or VIP guests before they reach your site.

As each vehicle comes onto your venue grounds, the AutoVu Sharp ALPR cameras will scan license plates and alert you to vehicle license plates in your database. (Suggested read: ANPR with Intelligence) AutoVu also records a log with the license plate number, image of the vehicle, time and date stamp and associated video in the system.

National Exhibition Center (NEC) Equips 42 Lanes with AutoVu ALPR Cameras

The NEC is leveraging the AutoVu ALPR investments for four simultaneous ALPR applications:

  • Improved traffic management
  • Monitored shuttle bus frequency
  • Granted access to pre-booked Express parking areas
  • Automatic wanted vehicle identification

According to Paul Austin, Director at Vindex Systems, "The West Midlands Police receives all the number plate reads to their police control room and uses the system to check against hotlists for wanted criminals, stolen vehicles or for general investigations as part of a much wider ANPR network on the public roads and motorways."

Ticketless Parking Improves Guest Experience and Cuts Costs

Facility management departments can also share ALPR system costs to implement more efficient and ticketless license-plate enabled parking.

  • Benefits to your guests: register their license plate and pay for parking online, minimizing parking backlogs and improving the overall experience.
  • Benefits for your venue: personnel resources are maximized and parking management costs are significantly reduced.

Re-enforce your security within parking lots.

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Security from Gates to Terminals and Waterways to Docks

Omnicast, the leading video surveillance system of Security Center, our unified security platform, helps you cover massive port grounds that extend miles out from the shore.

For Manchester Terminal and other international ports, Omnicast helps operators keep an eye on incoming vessels, watch people moving through the terminals, and detect any suspicious activities or possible threats before they wreak havoc on operations or people's safety. Read this article from Port Technology (page 158-159).

Reasons Ports Choose Omnicast IP Video Surveillance


Respond to Incoming Vessels with Third-Party Integrations

Customers such as Port Freeport used the Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate a vessel-radar system integration which improved visual response for incoming vessels. Ports can synch video with other third-party systems and long-range megapixel cameras to improve perimeter security

Using Sipelia Communications Management module, operators can save time through built-in two-way audio communication with passenger or dock workers. 

3 Ways Omnicast Helps Ports Better Secure Their Facilities

  • Easily share video feeds or access specific cameras located on common waterways using the Federation™ feature.
  • Handle alarms and find video cameras directly from an airport map. Watch the Video.
  • Know immediately when a camera goes offline and simplify maintenance with automated system health reports. Get Continuous Uptime.  

Learn how Genetec's IP video solution can help to keep your coast clear.

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Tighten Access to Your Port Buildings

Migrating to an IP-based access control system such as Synergis, the access control system of Security Center, our unified security platform, gives you greater flexibility at the door. Watch this short video to get a quick overview of Synergis.

Choose the Hardware That Suits Your Budget and Applications

Synergis is open, meaning this IP access control system doesn't lock you into any proprietary hardware. Using the Synergis Cloud Link appliance, ports can choose from many different options, including:

Build Credential-Authorized Applications for Tighter Security

Manchester Terminal, a private marine terminal in Houston, Texas, implemented a government-run security program called TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) which provides a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities.

"The TWIC-compliance aspect has made it much easier for our guards to conduct proper authentication," said Vincent Pilegge, President at Manchester Terminal LLC. Read more.

Features to Keep Your Most Restricted Areas Off-Limits

Learn more about investing in open and unified access control.

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Track who Is Coming and Going from Your Port

AutoVu, the license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, enables you to track every single vehicle that enters your facility.

It captures the license plate, color image, date and time of every vehicle that crosses the LPR camera's field of view. This provides you with critical information to properly address cargo theft or fraud, and to help freight companies justify liability claims.

Unified Monitoring Helps Validate Facts During Investigations

AutoVu can also be unified with video surveillance, so not only do you get concise vehicle information, but you can retrieve video linked to each license plate read to verify facts such as driver identity.

Boost Automation of Authorized Vehicle Entry at Gates

AutoVu LPR system can also enable to the automatic identification or white-listed or black-listed vehicle and unified with access control for automated entry of permitted vehicles.

Discover how Genetec's ALPR solution can improve your operations.

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See What's Happening Onboard Fleets and Within Terminals

Omnicast IP video surveillance system lets mass transit organizations get a full bird's-eye-view of their operations, with access to video from onboard their fleet and within their terminals from one platform. Read more about the global mass transit market.

Innate integration with Synergis access control restricts access within terminal buildings and Sipelia Communications Management module lets you speak directly with cardholders, or drivers. Unifying many other systems within one platform is a cost-effective option to multi-system management.

Mass Transit Organizations Achieve Better Coverage with Omnicast

Customers such as Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority have installed Omnicast onboard 225 buses. The onboard system provides live access to the operations control center and the MBTA police dispatch, including in-cruiser officers who respond to emergency calls.

Why Onboard Surveillance Is Effective for MBTA

For Kenneth Sprague, Deputy Chief, MBTA Investigative Services Division, the advantage is clear: "Whether it's identifying a car in the vicinity or verifying a suspect's alibi, we have the ability to view, validate and retrieve information in a timely manner."

3 Reasons Mass Transit Customers Choose Omnicast

Learn how Genetec can help you unify your fixed and mobile video systems.

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With a server-based installation, you can choose your cameras and connect them all back to your onboard server where video is managed and stored by your Omnicast system. You can then automatically offload the video back to a central server through a wireless network for long-term archiving and video verification.

Not all the video has to be offloaded. Integrated bus-driver panic buttons can automatically add bookmarks and only those events can be offloaded once the vehicle is at the station. Higher resolutions can also be associated to events, to maximize onboard storage.

What's the result? You get a powerful onboard surveillance system, benefit from added flexibility during future hardware upgrades, and run other applications like in-vehicle advertising on the same server.

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With a serverless installation, you can select IP cameras with edge-recording capabilities and store video directly on the camera. Omnicast's Video Trickling feature will then enable the wireless transfer of the video to your central server so you can access recordings from your entire fleet, instantly.

What's the end result? You get a reliable and advanced IP video management system, reduce your total cost of ownership and save on hardware maintenance for years to come.

5 Clear-Cut Advantages for Stadiums and Mass Venues

Security Center is the unified platform that helps you manage all your security and business systems. Security Center standardizes common security operations from multiple systems such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration, and makes all tasks easily accessible via a single intuitive application.

Invest in a reliable and flexible security platform.

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Choose Your Hardware

Combine cameras with HD clarity, wide dynamic range, 360-degree views or PoE and wireless door hardware, and add more overtime.

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See It All from Parking to Seats

Make faster decisions with video synchronized to cardholder information. Unify other stadium systems like ALPR, intercom, intrusion and more.

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Never Miss An Instant

Rely on built-in high-availability features that are designed to ensure continuous system uptime and alert you to potential vulnerabilities.

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React with One-Click

Respond to different event conditions or threat levels at the click of a button with pre-programmed system actions.

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Make Maintenance Easy

Get in-service upgrades, backward-forward compatibility, and advanced health monitoring features to simplify system up-keep.

Our Customers

Learn how stadiums, museums and conference centers are using Security Center to safeguard their guests and ensure a memorable experience.

MetLife Stadium

Unified security platform ensures enhanced safety in all areas of the stadium, improves crowd-monitoring and facilitates after-the-fact investigations.