Key Benefits

  • Increased security using vehicle access control rules based on more than the license plate number
  • Faster threat detection by detecting unusual vehicle behavior
  • Increase the value provided by your ALPR system and power traffic management planning and systems
  • Track out-of-state vehicles over time to discover new growth opportunities

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Analyze vehicle behavior and trends

Genetec’s AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system analyzes vehicles’ behavior and characteristics, allowing users to reduce response time by automatically identifying vehicles behaving suspiciously and enabling the definition of more secure and precise access rules. AutoVu’s advanced vehicle analytics also shines a new light on the normal behavior and composition of vehicles on users’ premises.

AutoVu provides data on a vehicle’s speed, direction of travel, make and the state, province or country of origin of its license plate.

Value-Added Analytics

Single-Camera Vehicle Speed Estimation
AutoVu estimates the speed at which a vehicle is traveling with a single unit, reducing the cost of deploying ALPR for traffic management and providing information on the speed of vehicles at very specific entries, exits and streets, instead of requiring multiple cameras positioned along road segments.

Plate Origin Recognition 
AutoVu recognizes the origin of read license plates, allowing customers with mission-critical security requirements further validate the identity of a vehicle entering their installations, while retail and gaming establishment users can track out-of-state customer shares over time and identify growth opportunities.

Direction of Travel
AutoVu detects if a vehicle is moving towards or away from an LPR unit, automatically alerting customers if a vehicle is going against the normal vehicle flow, and differentiating between vehicles entering or leaving a location.

Vehicle Make Recognition 
AutoVu identifies the brand of detected vehicles, enabling visual validation of vehicles on high-priority lists and increasing the precision of searches and investigations.

Sample Applications

Traffic Management
Leveraging single-camera speed estimation, cities can analyze the behavior of vehicles over specific streets and highways, eliminating the need to deploy multiple cameras over long distances and decreasing the cost of deployment significantly. Authorities can also automatically be alerted of vehicles traveling against normal traffic flow and take rapid action.

Corporate Security 
Organizations can identify suspicious vehicle behavior by automatically tracking the speed and direction of vehicles entering their parking lots. Cars driving at high speeds or entering through parking lot exits can trigger alerts and alarms immediately, leveraging AutoVu’s unification with Omnicast™ video surveillance and third-party systems. Stringent vehicle access rules can also be implemented, matching vehicles based on license plate state of origin, instead of using only the license plate number.

Gaming and Retail
Retail outlets and gaming establishments can easily track the share of visiting vehicles from out of state, identifying potential growth opportunities and evaluating the success of cross-state marketing campaigns.