Key Benefits

  • Boost enforcement productivity by dynamically optimizing patrol routes and focusing on parking lots with unenforced violations
  • Measure the evolution of your violation capture rate over time by tracking how many violations were not enforced
  • Automatically identify returning scofflaws as they enter a parking lot and alert officers on patrol
  • Seamlessly connect to third-party pay stations, mobile payment apps and permit management systems

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Track Off-Street Parking Violations in Real-Time

AutoVu Free-Flow, a module of the Genetec AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution, increases parking enforcement efficiency by providing a real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally in monitored parking lots. Officers can easily identify lots with unenforced violations and optimize their patrol route based on real-time information.

AutoVu Free-Flow records the license plate of vehicles entering and leaving a monitored parking lot, and compares them to the list of permit holders and payments received through pay-by-plate-enabled pay stations and mobile parking apps. Vehicles parked beyond their purchased time are automatically marked as a violation awaiting enforcement in the AutoVu live violation report.

How it Works

AutoVu Free-Flow tracks vehicles parked in individual lots, and updates their status in real-time.

Modernize Your Off-Street Parking Operations

Leverage AutoVu ALPR data to enhance enforcement and track key parking performance indicators over time. Here are some of the ways AutoVu Free-Flow enhances your operations:

Automatically Synchronize Violation Lists with Mobile ALPR Units

Automatically Synchronize Violation Lists with Mobile ALPR Units
AutoVu Free-Flow’s live violations report can be reviewed through the AutoVu back-office interface, or synchronized with parking enforcement vehicles using AutoVu™ Patroller to maximize enforcement productivity.

Track the Evolution of Enforcement Efficiency
Track how many illegally-parked vehicles leave without being issued a ticket and optimize your enforcement schedule and resources based on the evolution of parking behaviors over time.

Alert Officers of Returning Scofflaws

Alert Officers of Returning Scofflaws
Automatically detects vehicles on your scofflaw list and notify parking enforcement officers of their arrival and location.

AutoVu Violation Report

The AutoVu live violation report displays the list of vehicles parked illegally in the selected parking lot, alongside the context image captured at the vehicle’s arrival.