Key Benefits

  • Centralize monitoring, reporting and alarm management
  • Globalize operations while maintaining local or remote site autonomy
  • Reduce security costs by monitoring multiple sites from a single location
  • Promote cooperation between sites and sharing of security equipment and infrastructure
  • Ensure flow of information with real-time synchronization between sites

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Move towards a global view of all your sites and discover powerful ways to secure your organization

The Federation™ feature of Security Center allows you to monitor remote independent sites as if they were part of a single virtual system, improving your overall operations and level of security. The Federation™ feature is powered by an advanced architecture that synchronizes cameras, doors, intrusion panels, and all related events and alarms between sites in realtime and with no manual intervention. As a result, you no longer need to connect to each site individually or manually sync data between them, facilitating the management of multiple locations. Built to scale, the Federation™ feature allows you to connect to hundreds or thousands of remote access control and/or video devices.

Sample Applications

City-Wide Surveillance
Cities and municipalities can monitor systems spread throughout their geographic area. Public and private organizations can also share security data.

Centralized Monitoring Services
Central monitoring stations and providers can monitor thousands of remote customer accounts from a single platform.

Large Multi-Site Organizations
Organizations such as multi-nationals and multi-campus educational institutions can centralize their operations, especially during off-peak hours, leading to lower cost and greater efficiency.

Multi-Tenant Environments
Buildings with multiple tenants can retain their independence but share common infrastructure and monitoring costs.

Federation™ feature Architecture

Whether you are monitoring remote Omnicast video surveillance systems or Synergis access control systems, you have the power to monitor remote live and recorded video, control PTZ cameras, monitor alarms, track access control activity, control doors, run global reports, and more.


Key Features and Specifications

    • Entities that can be federated
      • Cameras and encoders
      • Doors and elevators
      • Cardholder and groups
      • Alarms, zones, and intrusion panels
    • Monitor over 300,000 entities
    • Connect to 2,500 remote sites
    • Receive real-time events from all remote sites
    • Federated (remote) sites maintain local autonomy with full control over what is shared
    • Control remote PTZ cameras or view archived video
  • Unlock remote doors or override standard behavior
  • Mobile app and web access to all remote sites
  • Arm or disarm distant intrusion panels
  • Centralized management and acknowledgement of all
  • Run global reports and easily search for patterns
  • Backward/forward compatible between sites
  • Authenticated connections supported
  • Built-in failover ensures Federation™ feature up-time