Key Benefits

  • Reduce servers and administration required to centralize monitoring across multiple Security Center systems
  • Federation head-end is always up-to-date with the latest Security Center releases and integrations, without IT involvement or maintenance
  • Subscription-based service provides greater purchase flexibility by avoiding lump sum investment in software and servers
  • Easily scale the number of remote sites within Federation, and ensure version compatibility across all federated systems
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As an organization expands to multiple sites, monitoring the security system of individual locations can significantly increase security operations costs. Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS) helps to reduce the investment to secure distributed sites, by facilitating the centralization of monitoring, reporting, and alarm management operations across distinct systems or organizations.

Building on the powerful Genetec Federation™ architecture, FaaS allows organizations to reduce on-site hardware and time spent administering their system by moving Federation and management servers in the cloud. The service's highly elastic architecture enables additional systems to be added to a Federation, as an organization expands their operations across additional locations, without commissioning new hardware at the central site. The head-end system is automatically kept up-to-date with the latest Security Center releases and integrations, allowing remote federated sites to update their on-premises systems at their own pace, while also avoiding compatibility issues when connecting to the central system.


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Federation Overview

The ability to supervise distributed systems from a single location can be paramount to effectively securing and monitoring multi-site installations. With real-time and automated synchronization of information, Federation provides organizations with a unified view of cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) units, intrusion panels, and all related events and alarms between sites. The Genetec Federation feature is an ideal fit for citywide surveillance and managed central monitoring services where multiple independent customers can be monitored centrally, while maintaining the independence of local security systems and operations.

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Federation-as-a-Service Architecture

With real-time and automated synchronization of information, FaaS provides organizations with a unified view of cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) unites, intrusion panels, and all related events and alarms.


Choose the Cloud Model that Best Meets Your Organizations Needs

Federation-as-a-Service enables organizations to implement a hybrid cloud deployment leveraging their existing Security Center system and infrastructure, or choose a fully cloud-based system where all servers and video recordings are hosted.

In a hybrid configuration, the head-end management and Federation functionality is maintained in the cloud, enabling the system to seamlessly receive the latest Security Center software updates, without additional configuration by the user. Authorized users can access federated devices and events from all remote sites, and new systems can seamlessly be added with little configuration. By leveraging Stratocast™-connected cameras alongside FaaS, organizations can also deploy a fully cloud-based solution, where all applications, servers, and archives are maintained in the cloud. Ideal for distributed organizations with a small number of cameras at each site, this strategy allows them to eliminate the servers required to manage and operate their video surveillance system, reduce local system maintenance, while still monitoring all cameras from the Security Center client application.

Greater Purchase Flexibility

Federation-as-a-Service enables organizations to shift the cost of their Federation system from a lump sum investment to a subscription-based service. Rather than purchasing all necessary software licenses and hardware at the deployment of the system, FaaS is billed as an annual service.

Key Features and Specifications

    • Centralize monitoring, reporting, and alarm management across multiple Security Center systems
    • Entities that can be federated:
      • Cameras and encoders
      • Doors and elevators
      • Cardholders and groups
      • Alarms, zones, and intrusion panels
      • Fixed and mobile ALPR units, vehicle lists
    • Receive real-time events from all remote sites
    • Federated (remote) sites maintain local autonomy with full control over what is shared
  • Backward compatible between sites
  • Service provides functionality for:
    • Federation
    • Directory
    • Mobile Server
    • Plan Manager
  • Control remote PTZ cameras and view archived video
  • Unlock remote doors or override standard behaviour
  • Arm or disarm distant intrusion panels