Hangzhou Cigarette Factory

Hangzhou Cigarette Factory Implements Security Center and the Omnicast™ IP Video Surveillance to Streamline Operations and Heighten Security during Factory Expansion

The Hangzhou factory is a top manufacturing facility in China

Business Challenge

Located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory is a subsidiary of China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Co, Ltd. In 2005, the organization decided to expand its production to better accommodate customer demand, growing its operations from a basic production plant to a top manufacturing facility in China.

The Hangzhou factory proposed a comprehensive technology upgrade to the Hangzhou Economic Commission. A 6-year implementation plan was subsequently approved to expand and upgrade all technology within the factory, including the video surveillance system.

After careful consideration, the Commission selected Genetec™ Security Center, the unified security platform which includes the Omnicast™ IP video surveillance system. The unified security platform unifies IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition systems and other third-party systems and plugins in one intuitive solution.

According to Mr. Jin, Senior Engineer, Information Systems Division of Hangzhou Cigarette Factory, "The Omnicast™ IP video solution is the most dynamic platform I have ever experienced! The video system provides a flexible structure that aptly meets Hangzhou Cigarette Factory's requirements of decentralized control and centralized management."

Efficient and Reliable Security Platform Suited to Factory Needs

The Security Center platform has been operating smoothly at the Hangzhou factory for over two years. Omnicast™ controls over 720 high-definition fixed, charge-coupled device (CCD) and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras. The video surveillance system is equipped with the failover capability between the directory and storage servers to ensure that it operates continuously, in case of hardware failure.

The factory is equipped with a main monitoring center, managed by 20 staff who work around the clock while four other teams operate another three monitoring centers and duty rooms. In the event of an emergency, the operators in the different monitoring centers access the video cameras simultaneously without interruption. The multicast feature of the software optimizes bandwidth and enhances real-time video streams, reducing the likelihood of a single-point-of-failure for the system.

"We are benefiting tremendously with this highly-reliable security platform. Our overheads have also been reduced substantially. The scalability of the solution allows us to adjust the number of video cameras any time and the distributed storage system has provided us with increased bandwidth," Explained Mr. Jin.

Omnicast™ Video Surveillance System Helps to Enhance Operations

As a top-quality manufacturer, Hangzhou Cigarette Factory has always maintained stringent quality control measures, monitoring the entire process from production to distribution and delivery in order to protect the quality and the authenticity of its products.

"With the Genetec™ solution, we successfully accomplish the delivery of high quality products. The high reliability and instant availability of high-resolution videos assist us in managing customers' complaints efficiently, thus delivering top-notch after-sales services," remarked Jin.

Another key priority is to monitor equipment failure, either due to human or technical error, and immediately identify and resolve the problem. To facilitate this, the Omnicast™ intelligent video software offers high-resolution video clips which seamlessly stream from the HD video cameras.

"Using the Omnicast™ system, our teams can identify equipment breakdowns, and quickly alert the maintenance staff to handle the problem. This has not only elevated production efficiency but has also improved other functions, such as identifying individual behavior and setting up standardized production process," added Jin.

The highly granular system access privileges within the Omnicast™ solution ensures each department has access to specific video feeds which are related to their duties. The flexibility of the system also ensures the system access rights can be adjusted quickly.

On Track to Continue Expanding Production and Security

After the successful implementation of the new security system, Hangzhou Cigarette Factory was bestowed the Provincial Gold Prize for the Intelligent Quality Award 2013 for its technological advancements. The factory also won the Zhejiang Public Security Safety Demonstration Unit Award three years in a row.

Now in its second phase of the project, the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory plans to add another 600 video cameras covering 300,000 square meters of production space. Motion detection video analytics will also be considered for heightened response efficiency.

"Management has been very pleased with the reliability and ease-of-use of the Genetec™ video surveillance solution. Its user-friendly interface is very easy to operate. Users needed little training to manage it proficiently and the transition from the analog to the digital system was smooth sailing," explained Mr. Jin.

Infrastructure at a Glance

The Omnicast™ system is managing over 720 high-definition fixed, CCD and PTZ video cameras. Redundant and failover archiving features within the video system ensure high levels of availability while the multicast feature optimizes bandwidth during live video streaming. Video is kept for a minimum period of six months.


The Hangzhou Factory is a top manufacturing facility in China The Hangzhou Factory is a top manufacturing facility in China

Security Center controls over 720 high-definition fixed cameras Security Center controls over 720 high-definition fixed cameras

The entire process from production to distribution is monitored for quality control The entire process from production to distribution is monitored for quality control

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