Key Benefits

  • Easily export video from multiple cameras as a single video clip
  • Create and retrieve incident reports within Security Center that include video sequences, alarms, and notes
  • Lightweight Video Player allows exported evidence to be shared and viewed by 3rd party stakeholders

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Simple Video Clip Creation and Export for Evidence Management

Dynamic Archive ManagementFollowing an incident, operators are often required to provide all related video evidence to internal and 3rd party stakeholders. In the case of incidents that are recorded by multiple cameras, this has traditionally required the need to export individual video files for each device, making it cumbersome for others to replay the video in the correct sequence of events.

Security Center’s Incident Recording allows operators to record video sequences from multiple cameras, and export them as a single video clip that can easily be shared and viewed within the lightweight Genetec Video Player. All recorded incidents are also saved within Security Center, enabling authorized operators to rapidly retrieve them at any time.

Create Video Sequences

Incident Recording enables operators to record video sequences by dragging cameras of interest into any Security Center monitoring tile. With the Incident Recording option enabled, live and playback video from cameras placed within a tile will be recorded as a single video clip, allowing operators to storyboard complete incidents in the sequence in which they occurred.

Recorded video sequences can be saved as an incident report to share case information with other Security Center operators, and maintain reports for future review. Incident reports can also include operator notes, alarms, and other security entities to provide a more detailed and complete view of incidents.

Video Export & Genetec Video Player

The Genetec Video Player is a lightweight media player that allows investigators to review video clips that have been exported from a Security Center system, eliminating the need for a full client app to review incidents. When video of an incident is exported, video sequences from multiple cameras are played back within a single tile, in the order that they were recorded by the operator. The Video Player also provides a multi-tile view in order to view exported video from multiple cameras at the same time, and allowing users to play recorded video in sync.


  • Incident Recording requires Security Center 5.3 or above
  • Video Sequences and incident reports can be created with video from Federated cameras in a system

Genetec Video Player Key Features

    • Standalone, lightweight video player
    • View video sequences from multiple cameras
    • Digitally zoom scene from Video Player
    • Synchronous playback support
    • Video watermark authentication
  • Full timeline and video controls in player
  • View video in multiple tiles
  • Support for panoramic and 360° camera dewarping
  • Replay recorded audio and video
  • Create snapshots

Video sequence export

Export a single or multiple cameras in a video sequence to send incidents to other investigators.

Multi-tile export

Export multiple files in parallel to accelerate export and create a multi-tile view.