Key Benefits

  • Provides greater security oversight and control with intuitive monitoring
  • Helps reduce expenses associated with false alarms with video verification
  • Allows you to track intrusion alarms while on the move with Genetec's mobile apps
  • Provides valuable secondary annunciation of intrusion alarms without affecting third party central monitoring
  • Offers efficient software linking with intrusion panels over an IP network without the need for additional wiring

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Greater security with unified monitoring of intrusion, video, and access control.

Intrusion panel integration is a valuable add-on to your security operations as intrusion activities can now be consolidated with those of your Omnicast™ video surveillance and Synergis™ access control systems. The end result is a unified video, access control, and intrusion monitoring platform that helps protect your resources and assets.

Security operators benefit from valuable information forwarded by the intrusion system, allowing them to make decisions based on a more complete view of your security environment. Most importantly, intrusion events and alarms tagged with video will help reduce false alarms and make certain your security team more efficient.

Supported Manufacturers

Security Center integrates with the following Bosch G & B Series panels:

Security Center integrates with the following DSC PowerSeries panels:

Security Center integrates with the following DMP panels:

Security Center integrates with the following Galaxy Dimension panels:

  • D7212GV2/GV3/GV4  Control Panel
  • D7412GV2/GV3/GV4  Control Panel
  • D9412GV2/GV3/GV4  Control Panel
  • B5512, B4512, B3512 Control Panel
  • PC1864 Control Panel
  • XR100N Control Panel
  • XR500N Control Panel
  • XR550DN Control Panel
  • XR500E Control Panel
  • GD-48 Control Panel
  • GD-96 Control Panel
  • GD-264 Control Panel
  • GD-520 Control Panel

Intrusion Integration Architecture

Intrusion panels connect to Security Center over any IP network or serial connection (depending on panel model), facilitating deployment and ensuring real-time communications.

Genetec™ Intrusion Panel Integration Diagram

Key Features and Specifications

  • Unified approach to security: Leverage Security Center to monitor intrusion panels within the same client application as your Genetec access control and video surveillance solutions. Enjoy the benefits of unification and greater sharing amongst all your security applications.

  • Video verification: View video linked to intrusion areas, events, and alarms, offering you a complete view of what is happening in your facility.

  • Federated view of intrusion panels: Centrally monitor intrusion panels connected to remote independent Security Center systems as if they were part of one large virtual system.

  • Real-time Status Monitoring: Quickly view panel status information (armed, disarmed, or in alarm).

  • Advanced arming options: Manually arm and disarm intrusion panels from the Security Center client application, or set up automated actions to arm based on time or system events.

  • Centralized reporting: Generate intrusion reports for a single panel or across all your panels, with historical events/alarms linked with video.

  • Intrusion on the go: Intrusion alarms are automatically pushed to your smartphone via the Genetec mobile app; your security team will instantly view new alarms and associated video.

Supported Features

 Bosch G SeriesDSC PowerSeriesDMP
XR Series
Honeywell Galaxy Dimension
Supported Panels D7212GV2/GV3/GV4, D7412GV2/GV3/GV4, D9412GV2/GV3/GV4, B5512, B4512, B3512 PC1864 XR100N, XR500N XR550DN, XR500E GD-48l, GD-96l, GD-264, GD-520


IP Communications Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Serial Communications Yes Yes - - Yes
Encrypted communications - - - Yes3 -

Monitoring and Reporting

Panel alarm monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Panel event monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Panel arming status monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion area activity reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion detection unit event reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Alarms, Arming, and Outputs

Panel Arming/Disarming from Security Center1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PIN Arming - - Yes Yes -
Badge and PIN arming - - - Yes -
Trigger panel alarms Yes2 - - - Yes
Trigger panel outputs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Configuration Options

Create custom Security Center events tied to panel PIN events - - - - Yes
Auto-discover intrusion partitions/areas Yes - Yes Yes -
Map panel inputs to Security Center zones Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Link cardholders to panel user - - Yes Yes -
Modify user  PINs - - Yes Yes -
Modify user cards - - - Yes -

(1) For individual panel arming options (delayed vs. instant arming, master vs. perimeter arming, and force arming), refer to the user manual from each panel manufacturer and the Security Center installation guide(s).

(2) Will depend o panel hardware and software version. Refer to panel user manual and/or Security Center user guide for more information.

(3) Specific data like user information, pin, and credential are encrypted.