Key Benefits

  • Easily manage which users can access individual vehicle lists and ALPR units
  • Define precise access rights using granular privileges options, from add-only to full access to individual list
  • Automatically delete ALPR information based on your retention policies
  • Manage which information you share with partnering organizations

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Always Know Who Can Access Your ALPR Information

Your vehicle lists and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) data can contain sensitive information. Tracking and controlling who can access them can be a challenge, even with clearly defined processes and policies. Selecting an ALPR solution with a flexible and extended set of security features allows you to focus on your mission and know your data is protected from unwanted access.

Security Center provides you with the tools necessary to implement detailed user access privileges, control how long ALPR images and data are kept in your system, and select the ALPR information shared with partners and authorities.

Security Center Features

Manage Access to Vehicle Lists
Security Center allows you to assign granular list management privileges to user and user groups. User access to individual lists can be limited to adding or deleting license plates, or expanded to allow them to view and modify existing entries, ensuring a clear separation of tasks and privileges.

Control ALPR Data Retention
Define how long ALPR data is kept in your system, with the ability to configure different retention times for events, reads, hotlist hits, permit hits and patrol routes. Independent retention periods can also be defined for images and data, while changes to data retention settings are tracked automatically.

Selectively Share ALPR Data with Partners and Authorities
Federation™ feature of Security Center allows you to share selected ALPR data with partnering organizations. You retain full control on which vehicle lists and ALPR cameras your partners can access, sharing only the reads and hits associated with them and maintaining your desired level of privacy.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Encrypted Communications
Security Center encrypts communications between ALPR units, patrol vehicles and the central server, protecting communications from unwanted access and interception. This includes ALPR data, such as reads and hits, sent back to Security Center, and vehicle list updates pushed from Security Center to patrol vehicles.