Key Benefits

  • Rapidly narrow down investigations and identify vehicles present at multiple crime locations
  • Schedule automatic reports to identify vehicles visiting multiple sites of interest in succession
  • Search across vehicle lists, or filter your research based on investigation
  • Easily draw regions of interest on a map with Security Center’s userfriendly interface

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Rapidly Identify License Plates Captured in Areas of Interest

Dynamic Archive ManagementCorrelating data from separate crimes and incidents to identify patterns can be a time-consuming task, requiring careful review and comparison of data from multiple reports and systems. Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) helps focus investigations rapidly, but the large volume of data collected can make identifying potential leads difficult.

Security Center’s multi-region ALPR reports accelerate investigations by automatically identifying license plates read in up to 3 user-defined geographical areas. Results can be viewed in a list or displayed on a map. Filters enable further customization of reports based on the time at which a license plate was read, the unit or patrol vehicle which performed the capture, or based on known license plate characters.

Multi-region hit reports can also be filtered based on the list with which a read was matched, making it easy to narrow down searches when many results are returned.

Three-Region License Plate Correlation Report

Security Center’s multi-region license plate correlation reports allows operators to draw up to 3 zones on a map. License plates present within all zones during the specified timeframe are represented by dots on the map. Selecting a result displays additional information about the read, including the license plate and context image, the ALPR unit which captured the license plate, and more.