• Rely on a powerful video engine that captures every frame.
  • Improve the overall user experience and situational awareness.
  • Reduce response time to incidents with quick investigative tools.
  • Minimize bandwidth constraints and improve network efficiency.

Reduce response and investigation time while keeping bandwidth requirements to a minimum

Whether you are looking to passively or actively monitor your environment, our next-generation video engine has been developed to streamline your operations from the backend to frontend. If you want to share your video cameras with personnel in other geographical locations, deploy your video surveillance system across multiple sites with limited bandwidth, or simply want to give to your security operators the same fluidity as an analog video system while reviewing recorded video, the leading-edge video engine built into Security Center will help you achieve all your surveillance objectives with greater efficiency.

Optimize Bandwidth with Superior Streaming Engine and Video Caching

In cases where a group of users wish to view video across the internet or a multi-site installation needs to centralize all video streaming for security purposes, Security Center's Media Router calculates the most efficient routes between a source (camera) and a destination (client station). The Media Router will also automatically comply with your network's capabilities, whether your network supports unicast or multicast streaming.

Security Center also offers the ability to cache video locally at the workstation to provide faster access to playback video and to reduce the amount of video that is retransmitted; the Security Desk will first try to play video that is locally cached before retrieving it from a recording server (Archiver). Remote investigators and IT departments alike will benefit from these features, gaining faster access to recorded video, and reducing the load on both the network and the Archiver.

Security Center Camera Sequence

Never Miss a Frame with Smooth Forward and Reverse Playback

With no restriction on the compression type and on the key frame (I-Frame) interval, the Security Center's advanced playback capabilities allow you to view recorded video at slow and high speeds with an amazing fluidity. The Security Center provides all-frame forward and reverse video playback at the following speeds: 1/2x, 1/3x, 1/4x, 1/8x, 1x, 2x, 4x. This feature is available with H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG configured at any key frame interval. Additional playback speeds (6x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x) are also available in forward and reverse playback, where only key frames are played back to minimize impact on the network.

Investigations are further simplified with synchronous and asynchronous playback. When in synchronous playback mode, you can control the playback of all displayed cameras using a single timeline, switching back all cameras to live in a single click once the investigation is complete. In asynchronous mode, you control each tile independently, and can view side-by-side live and recorded video.

Video Thumbnails Displayed on Timeline

Take Faster Action with Video Rendering, Camera Sequences and Thumbnails

Handling live monitoring and video playback has become easier with Security Center's intuitive video features. With Security Center's rendering engine, you can receive notifications and perform actions directly in a tile. This engine also leverages multi-core processors, rendering more cameras per workstation as the number of available cores increases.

Furthermore, Security Center helps you improve active and passive monitoring by creating camera sequences which when activated, will automatically cycle video from select cameras within a single tile. You can setup camera sequences in advance or create them on-the-fly by dragging an area (floor, building, etc.) in a tile. If something catches your eye, you can then unpack a sequence to view all cameras that are part of the sequence side-by-side.

Clicking on thumbnails will also help you quickly get an overview of a playback sequence without having to play and look through recorded video. Thumbnails are also available with specific video reports and displayed within the timeline.

Leverage More Video Feature to Improve Overall Efficiency

The list of time-saving video features built into our unified security platform is endless. Consider using tile history to easily access previous content of a tile, or select a full-screen video mode to use your PC monitor as a video wall. With a single click, export multiple video clips or begin rotating between important views or tasks in the system. Or automate stream selection in your platform to reduce CPU usage. Security Center can decide which video stream to display based on the size of the viewing tile, using a higher resolution stream only if it makes a visual difference, otherwise defaulting to a lower resolution.