Key Benefits

  • Create cost-effective video walls using standard flat panel monitors and off-the-shelf workstations
  • Enable greater collaboration amongst operators with the ability to share and control remote workstations
  • Remotely switch entities in tiles (including camera, door, zones), control live and playback video, change tile layout, create tasks, start/stop task cycling, save and reload workspac

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Configure State-of-the-Art Video Walls

Remote Security Desk allows Security Center users to quickly configure video walls and remote displays with the use of standard flat panel monitors and off-the-shelf workstations. Without the need for specialized display equipment, this feature enables operators to easily build intuitive monitoring stations that provide greater operational awareness while viewing and managing multiple cameras and devices within a facility.

Operators can display and remotely control tile layouts and cameras on a video wall through simple drag-and-drop, play live and recorded video, as well as monitor maps, alarms, access control events, intrusion areas, and more.

Improve Operator Collaboration

As Remote Security Desk allows operator to control any monitor on the network, the task is also an efficient collaboration tool amongst operators. Trainees can quickly receive guidance from other operators, who are able to remotely assist them, share key events or demonstrate features within Security Center. Supervisors can take advantage of a "Spy Mode" setting to enable them to remotely monitor operators, and ensure that they are focused on their tasks.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Display monitoring layouts and camera feeds to multiple monitors and workstations
  • Monitor and control any tile content, including cameras, doors, maps, and intrusion areas
  • Share live and recorded camera feeds with operators using remote Security Center workstations 
  • Drag and drop cameras, camera sequences, maps, and other tile content
  • Control tile content and select devices using CCTV and PC keyboards
  • Support for PTZ camera controls
  • Spy Mode enables administrators to monitor activities of other Security Center users
  • Low bandwidth mode ensures less bandwidth is used when controlling high quality camera feeds remotely