University Medical Center Utrecht

Hospital in the City of Utrecht, Netherlands, Expands Coverage and Improves Incident Response with Omnicast, the IP Video Surveillance System of Security Center.

Business Challenge

University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and has been affiliated to the Utrecht University since its inception in 1963. Today, the UMC Utrecht campus encompasses three main buildings; the AZU General Hospital with a dedicated wing for the University’s Faculty of Medicine, the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, and the Central Military Hospital. With over 15,000 daily visitors and over 500,000 square meters of floor space to cover, UMC has a dedicated security team monitoring and handling incidents around the clock to keep patients and staff safe.

In an effort to expand video coverage, UMC Utrecht originally upgraded its dated video management system to newer IP technology, but soon experienced system instability. The medical center needed a reliable IP video surveillance system that would allow for easy expansion and would also openly integrate with BREINS, a central building management system which pulls data and alarms from all hospital and security systems.

UMC Utrecht relied on the expertise of local security integrators, VisiOn ISP, who recommended Genetec Omnicast IP video surveillance. Omnicast is part of the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center, which offers advanced functionality like an intuitive mobile client, a map-based interface and more capabilities.

Gijsbert Van Wandelen, Senior Security Advisor at UMC Utrecht, provided a to-the-point explanation: “There is no other video management platform on the market that met our requirements.”

Omnicast Helps Ensure Reliability and Multi-System Integration

Today, Omnicast within Security Center is managing over 200 Axis Communications network cameras throughout the three hospital buildings, seamlessly accommodating their camera count and any growth beyond.

The most notable benefit for UMC Utrecht has been Security Center’s flexible and open architecture. With engineering assistance from VisiOn ISP, the IP video surveillance system was fully integrated with an ACIC video analytics system to detect motion in a video frame or any objects left behind, and a Commend IP intercom system with two-way voice and audio communication from main entrances and parking lots. All of these systems are tied back to the BREINS, which centralizes information and procedures for faster response.

Although the BREINS and Omnicast systems are linked, they are operated independently. Operators are monitoring video from Omnicast 24/7 from three control rooms, which are equipped with 10 monitors each running 32 camera streams.

According to Mr. Van Wandelen, “We can’t watch everything all the time, so we use motion detection from the cameras and ACIC analytics system to trigger alarms in Omnicast to see what’s happening in particular areas. With one-click instant playback, our operators can quickly see the 30 seconds leading up to the event to assess the situation and respond.”

Leveraging the proven reality features within Omnicast, UMC Utrecht has implemented the built-in Failover Directory server as a hot standby and for additional load-balancing to ensure the system is working at peak performance.

Efficiency-Boosting Features Ensure Fast Response and Patient Safety

Since the hospital environment welcomes all kinds of people, including those with potential for violent outbursts, Omnicast has been instrumental in helping promote a feeling of safety for patients and staff at UMC Utrecht. “We actively watch our cameras, and Omnicast gives us the tools to react quickly. Our patients notice this efficient response and it makes them feel safe in our hospital,” said Mr. Van Wandelen.

Having no manned guards on hospital floors, UMC Utrecht security operators depend solely on video surveillance to quickly identify incidents and dispatch personnel to address the situation. The easy-to-use search and bookmarking features of Omnicast have helped to expedite investigations, and UMC Utrecht operators have achieved even greater efficiency by using Plan Manager, the map-based interface of Security Center.

“Navigating through the layout of our massive hospital to find and select different cameras has been invaluable to our team. It has been really simple and very easy for our operators to work this way,” explained Mr. Van Wandelen.

To simplify incident reporting, VisiOn ISP helped the medical center tie the video system into a custom incident registration tool, which allows management to track incident logs and generate statistics for making operational improvements.

Growing into the Next Phase of Hospital Security

UMC Utrecht has plans to continually evolve their hospital security systems. With a planned expansion of the children’s hospital, the medical center will be adding another 50 cameras in the near future. UMC Utrecht will also be relying on VisiOn ISP to test Security Center mobile apps and to integrate Omnicast to other video analytics applications.

In a final statement, Mr. Van Wandelen explained just how beneficial Omnicast has been for UMC Utrecht’s future plans: “Our hospital is constantly changing and growing, and we are always looking for ways to improve and expand our security system. Omnicast has not only been extremely reliable, but also immensely adaptable to our needs as we grow. ”

Infrastructure at a Glance

UMC Utrecht selected all Axis Communications network cameras, specifically AXIS P5532 and P3301 for inside the buildings and AXIS P5532-E and P3364-PE for outdoor use. ACIC ActivityDetection-EDGE is the dedicated analytics application for Axis cameras and encoders, and fully supported within Security Center. Commend IP intercom system is also fully supported, providing workstation to intercom calls which are synched with video. A private and dedicated fiber-backbone network has been built-up by the medical center, transmitting video streams back to 20TB of storage on four Pivot3 vSTAC Watch™ stackable storage appliances which accommodate easy and cost-effective growth. All cameras are recorded continuously, and video archives are kept up to 7 days.

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