RF Code Asset Management Plugin

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Further expanding the unification capabilities of the Security Center is the RF Code Asset Management Plugin. This plugin allows the Security Center to connect to the RF Code Asset Manager solution and synchronize assets, alerts, and other data over any IP network. RF Code’s Asset Manager integrates various RF Code tags and readers, and provides up-to-the minute information about asset locations and movements. With the Asset Manager’s seamless integration into the Security Center, operators can not only generate reports related to asset location and movements within Genetec’s unified security platform, but they can also view video attached to asset-related activity when undertaking their live monitoring and reporting responsibilities.

What is RF Code Asset Manager Solution?

Secuirty Center RF Code diagram
Overview of the RF Code Asset Management Plugin's architecture. Click on the diagram to enlarge it.

RF Code provides an active RFID-enabled infrastructure for both real-time asset management and environmental monitoring across the entire enterprise. Using active RFID as the enabling technology to automate asset monitoring, RF Code solutions eliminate the traditional costly, time consuming and inaccurate asset and environmental monitoring process.

RF Code's Asset Manager works in conjunction with RF Code's tags and readers, providing up-to-the minute information about asset locations, movement, security and environmental status, without requiring any manual labor to gather this information.

Genetec's Security Center with RF Code Asset Management

The RF Code Asset Management Plugin is hosted by a dedicated Security Center role, the Asset Management Plugin role. A Security Center entity, called an asset, ensures that the integration with RF Code assets is seamless, allowing both live monitoring and historical reporting. The connectivity between platforms is over an IP network through the RF Code SDK or API, resulting in an efficient and easy-to-configure integration.

Encryption can be enabled to ensure secure communications between platforms. Users can install a role for every RF Code Asset Manager which needs to be consolidated within Genetec's unified platform. Settings that are configured for the role include the IP address (also name or DNS) of the machine running the RF Code Asset Manager, port number, login credentials, and protocol. Once configured the role will automatically connect to the Asset Manager and RF Code assets will be automatically imported and synchronized to the Security Center. Administrators can select all or a particular subset of assets to track and synchronize. Additionally, administrators are able to map asset locations and alert configurations with Security Center areas and alarms, respectively.


The following functionalities are available, among others, with the RF Code Asset Management Plugin:

  • Automatically synchronize RF Code assets and create corresponding entities in the Security Center.
  • Live monitoring of asset-related events and activity (asset online, asset offline, asset moves, low battery).
  • Automatic synchronization of RF Code alerts (asset and sensor tags) with Security Center alarms.
  • Automatically add/delete assets in Security Center when they are added/deleted in the RF Code Asset Manager.
  • Acknowledge alarms in Security Center which acknowledges alerts in the RF Code solution and vice versa.
  • Viewing video tied to asset-related activity and alerts within monitoring and reporting tasks.
  • Real-time tracking of asset locations on a per area basis.
  • Asset Management Inventory reporting task that details the current location (area) of an asset.
  • Asset Activity reporting task that provides a historical review of asset-related events and activity.
  • Reporting of asset management health events, eg. assets are offline.
  • Automatically execute Security Center actions (eg. send email) based on RF Code events and alerts.

Supported Software and Hardware

The following table lists the RF Code software and hardware supported by the Security Center's RF Code Asset Management Plugin, their corresponding software or firmware version, and certification status. Always refer to the latest Security Center release notes for the most up to date list. One of three certification levels is provided for each component:

  • Certified. The Security Center integration with this device model has been tested and validated by Genetec
  • Supported by design. The device model shares the same API as an existing certified device unit, but has not been tested or validated by Genetec.
  • Tested by partner. The alarm panel and modules have been tested by the partner.


Device or Component



Asset Manager Asset Manager 2.3.1


Sensor Manager Sensor Manager 2.3.1


M200 Fixed Reader 2.44

Supported by design

M220 Mobile Reader 2.41

Supported by design

M250 Fixed Reader 1.0.0

Supported by design

M100 Asset Tag  


M102-i IR Asset Tag  

Supported by design

M131 Thin Tag  

Supported by design

M163 Wristband Tag  

Supported by design

M160-i IR Wristband Tag  

Supported by design

M171 Durable Tag  


M172-i IR Durable Tag  

 Supported by design

M175 Rugged Tag  

 Supported by design

R100 IT Asset Tag Supported by design
R110 Flex-Mount Tag Supported by design
R140 Badge Tag Supported by design
R104 IR IT Asset Tag Certified
R114 IR Flex-Mount Tag Supported by design
R1201 Door Tag Certified
R1301 Dry Contact Tag Supported by design
R1351 Fluid Detector Tag Supported by design
R1501 Rack Temp. Tag Supported by design
R1551 Hum-Temp Tag Certified
R1601 Air Pressure Sensor Supported by design
R1701 PDU Tag (Raritan and Geist) Supported by design
R1701 CDU Tag (Server Tech) Supported by design

1 Sensor data is not supported. Sensor alarms are supported.


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