Omnicast and Security Center & Agent Vi Video Analytics Solutions Integration

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Agent Vi has partnered with Genetec to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions for real-time analytics, forensic search and business intelligence applications. As a member of Genetec’s Technology Partner Program, Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions – Vi-System and Vi-Search – are integrated with Genetec’s IP Surveillance solutions, Omnicast and Security Center. This integration enables Omnicast and Security Center to receive, display and manage real-time events as well as archive video for forensic analysis and business intelligence purposes.

What Are Agent Vi's Vi-System and Vi-Search Video Analytics Solutions?

Vi-System is a high-performance, real-time detection and alert software that enables users to define events of interest, and subsequently receive automatic alerts for such events, as they occur.

Vi-System Highlights:

Overview of the Agent Vi video analytics integration for Omnicast and Security Center.
Overview of the Agent Vi video analytics integration for Omnicast and Security Center.  
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  • Get a wide and flexible range of analytics rules and behaviors which distinguish between people, vehicles and static objects.
  • Apply an unlimited number of analytics rules of any kind and combination to each camera in parallel to the video recording.
  • Receive event notification in real-time.
  • Benefit from event management and triggering in Omnicast's and Security Center's applications.

Vi-Search is a complete video search and analysis solution, enabling automatic and effective retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from vast amounts of recorded video.

Vi-Search Highlights:

  • Search through days of stored video in seconds to generate instant and precise search results.
  • Take advantage of advanced parameters and capabilities which enable searches for different targets (people, vehicles, static objects) with specification of their behaviors (moving, stationary, crossing a line and more) and attributes (color, size and more).
  • Choose from innovative options for displaying search results including video playback with metadata overlay, statistical reports, motion path / target location analysis, heat map, video summary and more.

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