Omnicast & Digital Barriers’s Video Analytics Technology Integration

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With the integration of Digital Barriers’s video analytics with Genetec’s IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast, users can take advantage of advanced functionalities that improve security and operation management.

Genetec's Omnicast solution with Digital Barriers's SafeZone and Metric Manager Video Analytics Software Products

By integrating Digital Barriers video analytics with Genetec's IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast, security or operational personnel can respond to alarms, alerts or conditions using the Omnicast user interface.

SafeZone security elements:

  • Detect intrusion of people and certain objects into, out-of, or across targeted zones or areas in 4D.
  • Intrusion detection includes time duration condition.
  • Motion and direction tracking occurs even if suspect is partially hidden or blocked.
  • Detection capability regardless of position in the camera scene (front or background).
  • Detect people remaining, in-motion.
  • Apply single, multiple or sequential intrusion types or rules for each or all camera streams.
  • Detect wrong direction.
  • Alert for trespassing or loitering.
  • Detect piggybacking or tailgating

Metric Manager operational and safety elements:

  • Bi-directional, near real-time, counting of people in a predefined interior area
  • Real-time measurement of the occupancy rate (volume) of people or vehicles in a predefined interior or exterior area, as well as flow over time including slow, fast or stopped conditions.

Digital Barriers KamCheck camera and video stream watch-dog elements:

  • Automatic diagnosis for camera video stream blur or obstruction detection as well as camera misalignment, loss of signal or tampering. (For use with SafeZone or Metric Manager)

Digital Barriers's Patented 4D Video Analytics TechnologyOmnicast Keeneo integration diagram

Digital Barriers's video analytics software has a "reasoning engine" that uses video images to analyze events in terms of both:

  • Space - by height, width and depth (3D); and
  • Time - by temporal analysis

The analyzed data extracted from the video stream encompasses size, position, and behavior in the 3D world with the relevance of time. The software neutralizes effects of exterior objects, environmental interference and spurious conditions. Therefore, the 4D analytics simulates the intelligence of accurate human decision making from a visual input.

Digital Barriers video analytics integration process with Omnicast

The camera's video streams are sent to the server containing the SafeZone software. The video streams are then analyzed by the server's CPU using the software algorithms at a minimum of 8 frames per second. Then, all relevant alarms or alerts along with an OSD (On Screen Display) are communicated through the Omnicast user interface to security or operator personnel. The Omnicast Live Viewer is used for displaying Digital Barriers alarms in real-time with the OSD. The Omnicast Archive Player is used to search and play back Digital Barriers alarms with the OSD.

Digital Barriers Models


SafeZone: Full security suite for intrusion detection, incident detection and verification, perimeter protection and response assessment.
Metric Manager Custom Count: People counting for indoor lines, entry, exit, waiting, customer service lines or areas or other logistic or safety enumeration applications.
Metric Manager Custom Flow: People and vehicle flow, crowd and density measurements for indoor or outdoor line, counter, admissions or other logistic movement applications.
KamCheck: Automatic diagnosis for camera blur, alignment, signal loss, tampering and obstruction detection.
Digital BarriersBox: Server with 4 video IP or analog inputs/outputs, 4 contacts and preinstalled Digital Barriers video analytics software.

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