SightLogix Video Intrusion Detection System Integration

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Large areas outside petro-chemical facilities, airports, seaports, mass transit stations, public safety or government buildings, data centers and other critical facilities are best protected by automated surveillance systems that accurately detect events in the outdoor environment. The integration of Omnicast video surveillance system and SightLogix® SightSensor outdoor video analytic cameras allows security personnel to benefit from heightened situational awareness around critical outdoor assets that are difficult to patrol – but which still require 24/7 vigilance. Combining the accurate detection of SightSensor cameras with a flexible video management system like Omnicast offers an integrated situational awareness solution for protecting outdoor environments of any size.

What is SightLogix SightSensor?

SightLogix SightSensor camera
SightLogix SightSensor

The SightSensor is a fixed video analytic detection camera, available as either a visible or thermal camera. The IP-based SightSensor camera detects intruders that violate user-defined video analytic rules by placing a red box on intruders and tracking them through the field-of-view.  

The SightLogix camera system includes smart SightSensor cameras for detecting and tracking intrusions over large areas, and SightTracker pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controllers for automatic steering of PTZ cameras.  SightTracker automatically pans and zooms nearby PTZ cameras to follow targets, providing greater detail and information without any human intervention. Video from the auto-steered PTZ camera is displayed in Omnicast. Combining SightSensor, SightTracker and Omnicast provides a comprehensive solution that delivers the "what and where" of an intrusion, so operators can make fast decisions and capture the event as evidence.

SightLogix SightSensors Integration Process with Omnicast Video Surveillance System

SightSensor video analytics cameras and SightTracker PTZ controllers are integrated into Omnicast video surveillance system thanks to Genetec's software development kit and support for the Genetec protocol. This integration allows users to pre-configure their preferred video and network settings; this includes selecting and pre-programming types of breaches (as defined by security policies) that would allow the SightSensor cameras to automatically detect an intrusion and trigger an event in Omnicast.
Omnicast Sightlogix Diagram
Once the SightSensor  camera detects an event that violates a user-defined security policy, the camera sends the precise GPS-based target location to Omnicast. An alarm is then triggered and the video of the threat is displayed in the Omnicast interface. In the case of a moving suspect, SightTracker ensures the target is automatically followed by nearby PTZ cameras so the operator retains full situational awareness.  

Operators can also benefit from this powerful integration for after-the fact investigations. Directly from Omnicast's intuitive client interface, operators are able to quickly and easily search for motion events, or specific breaches detected by the SightSensor cameras, and pull up recorded video to further investigate the incident. 

SightLogix system features include:

Omnicast Sightlogix screenshot
SightLogix SightTracker
  •  A high degree of on-board image processing provides increased detection accuracy in outdoor environments, remarkably clear thermal images, and extended detection range.
  • Contrast Image Enhancement Technology shows crisp, clear thermal image detail, 24 hours/day, during all seasons.
  • On-board electronic image stabilization eliminates video shake induced by wind and machinery (trains, airplanes, construction equipment) to eliminate nuisance alarms.
  • GPS-based analytics accurately filter objects based on size and velocity while providing situational awareness.
  • The system detects small objects and movements around the perimeter related to environmental conditions such as leaves, shadows from clouds, wind-blown objects, to reduce nuisance alarms.
  • The system provides real-time display of detected targets on geo-positioned topology map.
  • NEMA4X enclosure withstands outdoor elements (rain, snow, humidity, sand, temperature extremes) for extended life.

Ordering Information


  • SightSensor camera for Motion Detection
  • SightTracker camera for Hands-free PTZ Control


    • 1 camera connection per SightSensors stream (OM-E-1C)*
    • 1 SDK connection for each Omnicast Server (OM-E-1S)

* Omnicast requires one license to view MJPEG video and/or one license to view MPEG video from a SightLogix device. In situations where customers require the ability to view both video formats from a SightLogix device, two licenses will be required.

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