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IP Video Surveillance with Video Wall Integration

Designed for control room environments, the Omnicast Barco plugin integrates with Barco's video streaming solution, to offer the possibility to control and interact with Barco video walls. Using the IP network infrastructure, the Omnicast Barco plugin allows enterprise management of one or multiple Barco video walls from any Omnicast station on the network.

For an Omnicast operator, the Barco video wall is simply another networked display he can remotely control. Cameras managed and recorded by the Omnicast system can be switched on the Barco video wall with a simple drag and drop, without the need of additional hardware, as the switching is performed by the Omnicast Virtual Matrix. Whether it is live video, playback video or camera sequences, the operator has full control over the video feeds he wants to view on the Barco video wall. In addition to video content, the Omnicast Barco plugin can also manage non-video content, such as web pages, telemetry and control data, which can be displayed on the wall by controlling Barco's layouts and shortcuts, hence providing a complete end-to-end networked solution.For maximum flexibility, the Omnicast Barco plugin offers support for TransForm A and Hydra video wall controllers. The video walls can be composed of one display or multiple displays. The Omnicast Barco plugin also supports the latest technology from the Barco SVC-2 streaming video cards. It is completely integrated with Omnicast, all the configuration of the Barco wall is fully synchronized with Omnicast for simple and easy configuration

Network Integration

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 The transmission of a video stream towards the Barco wall is performed using multicast. Omnicast is responsible for sending a command to the encoder to start its video transmission. In addition, Omnicast sends a command to the Barco wall to subscribe to the multicast group. Thus, a video stream displayed on the Barco wall travels directly from the encoder to the Barco wall for maximum efficiency. It does not transit through the Omnicast server. However, it is possible to use Genetec's principle of multicast transmission via an archiver. In which case, the video streams are first sent using a unicast UDP stream towards an Omnicast Archiver, and then are transmitted using multicast towards the Barco wall. In this scenario, the video Barco wall would receive its video streams in multicast from the Omnicast Archiver.


 The IP video encoders and cameras supported by this integration are the ones supported by both Omnicast and Barco. In order for the Barco wall to receive video streams, the Barco controller (TransForm A or Hydra) must be equipped with streaming video cards which perform the video stream decoding. Please contact Genetec for the compatibility list.


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